Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Remember way back at the end of June when Riley had her birthday party? Well, somehow, somebody lifted the lid of the freezer, in the garage and a bag of meat that was on top, defrosting, slid down behind the freezer.
Apparently, who ever lifted the lid wasn't paying attention when it fell because it remained there.
Time passed and the smell in the garage became overwhelming. I blamed poor little Riley's used diapers and moved the trash container for them as far away from the main door as possible.
Then Zeus thought it was the drain hole in the garage floor. He cleaned it out and still the STINK persisted.
Then proud of himself, he came to find me to tell me that he had moved the chest freezer and found the mess. OMG what a mess.
Over the years I've harden myself to cleaning up messes left by children, diapers, sick kids, dogs etc. but something like this, well, I probably would have tossed my cookies.

Our garage now has no smell. A thoroughly delightful thing that I actually notice every time I open the door to go out there or come into the garage.

Unfortunately, I had the rug cleaned, downstairs and somehow the flies that come with the mess came into the house.
We have been killing HUGE BLACK FLIES for the past three days. I mean these things are huge. I feel like I'm on the Twilight Zone. Poor Murphy runs and hides when I start smacking the windows or counter tops. Louie chases them but has proved a lousy fly killer. He would rather play with them.

I think I'm down to three or four of them but I said that to myself, yesterday, too.
They are disgusting.
When this is over I feel like my whole house needs to be sterilized.

And, you think I can't come up with a daily post? HA!

Speaking of flying things.........we had a dragonfly hanging around the kids when they were in the pool this past weekend. He seemed to like to get as close to their heads as possible. They really are quite beautiful.
Hayden got stung by a little sweat bee. I told her to put her spit on it and then some ice. She looked at me and said, "gross". But, it worked. Our spit is amazing. Got a mosquito bite, put your own spit on it and it takes the itch away. But, don't let Aunt Maude reach over and put her spit on your bite, it won't work.

Ok, I'm off to the studio. I need to clean up because the ArtQuilt & Mixed Media ladies are coming on Thursday. We are going to do some painting and resist work on fabric. YEEEPIE!!

:)Bea Who never has Monday Blues on a Tuesday.


  1. Makes me glad I'm a vegetarian!
    You DO have the best stories tho.
    Never a dull post :)

  2. I only have one thing to say about the mess behind the freezer...PU!!! Interesting about the spit - I'll have to try that although the neighbors will think I've lost my mind if I'm out on the front porch because we have so many mosquitoes LOLOLOL I had always heard that for a bee sting you could mix up a little red Georgia clay with water (or spit would probably do LOL) and pat that on...it works - takes the sting out immediately. Hope the rest of your week is odorless (except for the good smells of course)!

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM


    I resist work all the time. Sigh. Have fun, be sure to post a full report.

    Working stiff

  4. "Oh spit, flies, stench and rotten meat" - the next time I need a phrase to describe a bad day - I have one thanks to you!

    Otherwise - too much info Bea - LOL - please know I'm kiddng.

  5. Reminds me of the time when my wife's car stunk exceptionally bad for a couple of weeks.

    Turns out that a piece of steak that we bought grocery shopping fell out of the bag and slid under the seat.

    In the winter time, so you could imagine the smell that permeated throughout the car.

  6. George, I would have loved to have been around for the discussion about what happened to the steak. lol So, you too, have the t-shirt! :)Bea

  7. Now, Trudi, sometimes one must cover the details of living just so you know I'm not a priness. :)Bea

  8. LOL about the spit. Reminded me of the Dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and his bottle of Windex and how it got rid of zits and sore elbows.

    Speaking of bugs. Mosquitoes out here are so small and quiet that you don't know you've been bitten until it hurts. Not sure if that is good or bad. You're not constantly paranoid because your hearing them and wondering where they are--but a new paranoia sets in realizing that you'll have no warning. I'd rather have something else that just eats them and removes them from my life.

  9. Oh yuk, I can just imagine that awful smell. Now you come to think of it, we had a smell similar to that in our garage in Worthing. I kept telling Jim about it and one day I emptied the whole garage. Now this was quite a feat as there was a car in there I'd never actually seen!!! Do you know what that smell was?? A DEAD CAT. Really. AAAH! Jim cleared it up of course. He had to and it was stiff as a board! Life, eh? You couldn't make it up.