Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Tuesday just slipped by me.

It's Tuesday and I remember signing up for Tea on Tuesday and I did have a teacup and I did have tea but darned if I remembered to take a picture of it. I remembered that I was supposed to about half way through the morning.

I stopped at Stitcher's Crossing and used my gift certificate that I found in my glove compartment,(isn't that a funny name to still be calling that thing) before I forgot about it again.
I bought some fat quarters. One can always use fat quarters.

I stopped at St. Vincent de Paul and dropped off some things and looked at more things.

I dropped into the Antique Mall to see what was new. Apparently, these people don't understand that the economy is in a standstill right now and that the craze for old stuff isn't happening. I mean, come on people you can't put $55.00 on an old little wooden box and expect anybody in their right mind to buy it. The prices were all like that. Do they want to sell their stuff or are they just greedy?

I know, for a fact that you can get this 1950s stuff far cheaper than they are selling it at farm auctions.
Just because Aunt Agnes died and you had to clean out her house does not mean you can make money on this stuff. Very disappointing and the place was empty of shoppers.

I rounded off my morning with a trip to the grocery story and then home to haul it upstairs, put it away, make lunch and then flop on the couch for a quickie nap.

Twenty minutes later I threw the cat off of me, jumped up and remembered that I had the Art Quilt/Mixed Media group meeting to go to. Changed my shirt, brushed my teeth, didn't bother with my hair, if you drive with all the windows open and occasionally howl out the window your hair takes a beating.

I was on time. There were four of us. Summers are hard for getting folks all in one place, a lot like herding cats.

Pat shared her experiments with roving wool, wet and dry methods.
Pictures as soon as I get the camera out of the car and the chip downloaded.
We caught up on what's going on in everybody's life, I hope. We certainly managed to talk for two hours.

Another quick stop at the grocery store for what I forgot the first trip and then picked up Murphy at Puppy Day Care. He always looks so happy when he comes out, big doggie kisses for the side of my head as I drive away.

Came home started dinner. Mary and Riley will be home in a half hour and STARVING! You would think neither one of them as eaten all day. Zeus will be playing tennis in the 87 degree heat. I will be downloading pictures, fondling my fat quarters and then watching So You Think Can Dance.

:)Bea Who now firmly believes that time management is a form of creating.

P.S. I'm participating in Seth's Hidden Treasure blog posting on the 15th. I don't know what to do.............I like a number of different blog posts of mine and for different reasons. SOOOOOOooooo
IF YOU HAVE A FAVORITE BLOG POST that you remember, of mine and you think I should use that one, let me know. Since my headings and subject matter seldom reflect each other I may or may not be able to find it.


  1. It doesn't matter that you forgot to photograph your tea cup and tea today. You remembered at some point and that's all that counts. So glad you joined in. I guess I missed your previous tea, so here's to a happy Tea Tuesday.

    BTW, like you, I had a bit of trouble culling through my Buried Treasures. See you on Thursday.

  2. Aww thanks B & E you know how to make a girl feel better. :)Bea

  3. The post I remember the most is the one about yo picking up the wrong dog at puppy day care. I still laugh so hard it hurts! LOL LOL LOL Really....that's the funniest story I've ever heard!

  4. you make me smile...well, really giggle, actually...

  5. I thought I'd heard the lavender story before and now of course I know why. Silly old me! I think it was a perfect choice.

    Now I can't remember what today's post was about. I know I'm worn out from reading it as you flew from one place to another, chatted with ladies, bought fat quarters and slept somewhere along the way! What a mad day you had!