Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Murphy and I escaped last night for a drive. He needed a break from Penny, the 4 month old Goldendoodle and I needed some quiet. We took a road I don't remember being on before, quite hilly for this immediate area. I have to say I thoroughly enjoy driving on roads without any other cars. I can stop, back up, jump out and take a picture and just not worry about getting plowed into.

Today, it's cloudy and the rain last night brought some cooler air with it. Yesterday it was so humid and hot. The plan is to take everybody to the zoo this afternoon. I haven't been in a year or two. We have a pretty nice little free zoo, here in Madison. Riley has never been so it will be fun to see her reaction to the animals.

We still haven't even gotten up to the studio to paint the birdhouses. I suspect that will be a Friday activity if it is still going to rain, like the weather people have been announcing.

Penny went to puppy day care with Murphy yesterday. It was her first time to be with so many other puppies. Her daily report card said that she was shy. Honestly, it sounds like their first day at school, doesn't it?

A group of senior men, gathered around a table at the Great Dane Brewery.
They have all just finished playing two hours of tennis which justifies their beer, soup and nachos.
Young beautiful women and their KNOWING that they have the "power".
Why do people find certain faces, high cheekbones, certain kinds of hair, eyes and figures not to mention noses, attractive.

I only wish I had a tape recorder of this discussion from these old geezers. sigh

:)Bea Who needs to create, soon.


  1. I wish you did have a recorder...these conversations are priceless!!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    Where is our summer going so fast????

  2. When I hear, from Zeus, some of these discussions, they just crack me up and I sooooooooooo wish I had a hidden tape recorder. :)Bea

  3. Can't wait to see the birdhouses!
    Poor guys. They have no idea what real women are. LOL!

  4. Hi bea-zee beaver!
    Everybody loves pretty, me included. And shiny things and sparkles. But you can't talk to glitter. Well...not REALLY. Goldendoodle...hmmm...cute, right?
    I love your pictures sooo much. Your studio shot. W0W! And then the black-eyed susans today-my favorite flower.
    Your way with words...

  5. That new header photo is beautiful, I love the way you have those gorgeous yellow flowers in the foreground. I'm glad you and Murphy managed to escape for a while. I laughed at the 'report card'. 'Shy'. I ask you! How did the zoo trip go. I love zoos and especially with young children. Did the monkeys show you their bottoms? They usually do!

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