Thursday, July 29, 2010

1000 Posts

The notes home started in second grade.
Dear Mother of Bea, Bea is a delightful child to have in my classroom but she has a tendency to daydream and talk to much. Would you have a word with her. Ms Second grade teacher, Ms Third grade teacher, Ms Fourth grade teacher and so on.

My mother had three words for me, CUT IT OUT.

It didn't take. I still daydream, I still talk to much, I'm still silly, friendly, willing to share my lunch with you if yours sucks. I still like to play and my adult wish sent out to the Universe was, "I wish I could spend time on art like I did in second and third grade."

And, so I spend time in my studio, painting, gluing, sewing, chair dancing, talking to the departed that hang out in the studio, collecting pretty fabric and tons of what some people call junk.

I am true to my buddies and although I got kicked out of Girl Scouts, Dance class and Modeling Classes for the Young Lady, I do play nicely with others.

I have a mind of my own, rather bizarre thoughts about how the worlds work and what happens when they collide.

Somebody asked me, "What's with this blogging thing?"
I blog because I wanted my family to know the masks and hats I wear when I'm not Mama, GrandmaBea or Auntie. I wanted them to get to know me as a person. I wanted my friends that lived to far away from me to be able to stop by and see what I was working on, making, creating, complaining about, learning and just thinking about stuff.

I knew that if I was true to myself, wrote what was on my mind that people who were interested would find my blog. That one post would have somebody nodding and saying, "Oh, yeah, been there, got the t-shirt" or "Hey, I didn't think of that" or "Cool, I want to do that too.:

I've shared names and books of people that have inspired me over the years. I'm mulled about seeing the world through a child's eyes, I've tried to share techniques when I've tried something new.

I love blogging. It works for me. I've met so many new people from all over the world. I visit their blogs and read about their lives. My family and friends have tuned in to see what's going on or see what new photographs I have taken.

Everybody has encouraged me from their emails, comments, phone conversations and just coming into the living room and saying, "Wow, that was a good post, today."


75 people have taken the time to let me know that they pop in every once in a while or daily to see what's happening at Dog In The Hole. I appreciate that.

I appreciate the folks that come and visit and slip away quietly. Thank you for taking the time.

1000 posts is a lot of talking. Apparently, I've found the perfect, outlet, for me. Sorry, Ms, Second Grade teacher and all the rest of you. I'm sorry I was out of turn, I wish I had a blog back then, I think I would have been a very happy student then.

If you are a FOLLOWER of my Blog,
If you leave a COMMENT on this post,
Your name will be entered into the Brewer's Baseball cap and Sunday morning, Riley will reach in and pull out a slip of paper with a name on it.
That person wins ART CLOTH by Jane Dunnewold.
If you are interested in being in the give away, be sure to leave me an email addy so I can contact you.

THANK YOU AGAIN and I hope we are all together for the next 1000.



  1. Does Riley take bribes?

  2. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Now don't enter me, Bea, because I don't want to take this book from someone who would actually use it. But, I'm taking this chance to say congrats and thanks -- you are an inspiration. Even if your posts don't always "connect" with me, they never fail to encourage me to push myself away from the computer and "Create". :)

  3. I say fooey on your teachers! Talk as much as you like, Bea, I'll listen. I love your blog and I love your photos and while I wouldn't want to be anywhere near your place in the winter, I often find myself getting lost in te pictures of it during the warm months. You have been an awesome blog friend and I look forward to reading your next 1000 posts as well!

  4. I found your blog a few weeks ago and am a follower. It is now one of my favorite reads. Congratulations on your 1000th post. BTW, I have coveted Art Cloth for years and have never gotten around to buying it. Maybe this will be my lucky day.

  5. Yea you made it to 1000! And may you blog 1000 more at the minimum. I love reading about your life and you make me laugh alot and say 'oh yes, I DO have that tee shirt!' LOLOLOL I love why you blog - you're very inspiring. Big hugs and congratulations!

  6. I do so love your blog! It is such a warm & friendly place where folks can slow down, take a break, and discover how much we all have in common. Hugs...from one who got sent home from school over and over and over again for taking too much in class! Yup, notes didn't work for my teachers either!

  7. Congrats on your 1000th post! I sure am glad you didn't listen to your teachers. LOL!! ooo, did I just write that?!!!

  8. Congratulations Bea, what an inspiration you have been to me. I love your blog and the Postcards and ATC from you. I think your reason for blogging is great and I guess part of that is my reason too - so that family can see who I am apart from 'Mum' or Gran.

    Riley, what a sweet, adorable, gorgeous child you are........ LOLOL.

  9. Hey, I'm new here but thanks to Judith at Quilt or Dye, I found out about this giveaway. I've been working with the Complex Cloth book that's a few years old now, but it has to go back to the library in two more weeks. It would be great to have the new book by Jane Dunnewold. I'm a quiet person by nature but tend to surround myself by people who love to talk--

  10. Love all your posts, Bea, but this one... oh yeah I know exactly what you are talking about there! LOL!

    I'd love a chance to win email is whytefeather at att dot net

    Thank you for being who you are... I get so much enjoyment from your posts and you do encourage me to create and try new things!

  11. 1000 posts!! Congratulations. I simply love your blog,....It reminds me some of our life back here in Minnesota, never a dull moment and just a crazy farm life! What is there not to love!!??? You just keep blogging for us cause we do read it!! Goes to show what teachers back the knew huh!!

  12. I so look forward to another 1000 are a connection I never want to lose...our threads in thoughts and passions nurture each others spirits. You bless my life friend. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    Ken is working on a dvd from the last two months journey in sharing my whispers and echoes. Smile!

  13. Congrats on reaching 1,000.

    I feel like a newbie kicking in at 484.

    I would like to participate in your drawing as well.

    e-mail at

  14. I never met a giveaway I didn't like (to paraphrase someone). Thank you.
    I love that you talk/write, and having been told I talk too much myself (well, and TO myself), I love that in you too.
    Congratulations! 1,000 posts, say it out loud, that's a big number.
    Happy next 1,000!
    p.s. i finally took a long look at your banner photo and it's lovely. j

  15. LOL Joanie - I never 'metaphor' I didn't like!

    Bea - thank you for your humor and consistency in brightening my day as you do whenever I visit you. But most of all, thank you for your wisdom and the 'kindred spirit' you have become. It would have been a 3 ring circus if we would have been classmates - for certain!
    Congrats on your 1000 posts and I will keep my fingers crossed!

  16. Congratulations! That a lot of bloggin' but its such cheap therapy, isnt it? And a connection to those you might not have ever met but totally get you. I love coming to visit! Hehehe, and thanks for coming to visit me and voting for my 60s 'no car seat' pic, lol. I appreciate it!~
    And oh! that book sounds good! count me in!

  17. Hi Bea, I stopped by to thank you for the comment left on my post today. I wanted to let you know I decided to leave the tail feathers. And I find you are on your 1000th post. WOW!!! Awesome accomplishment. I love popping in now and then and wish to congratulate you on creating such a wonderful blog. I love your photography and art. Add me to the hat. Thanks,
    raven1999 at cox dot net

  18. Wow! 1000 posts, that's some achievement. Congratulations! I talk too much too, and often to myself and often in the street, or the supermarket! ;) Thank you for coming to my blog and for sharing the journey at Madness and Mess. Here's to the next 1000.

  19. I'm too late for the drawing, but that's ok...congrats on your 1000th post! your blog is a delight, and I do visit from time to time. kinda wish we could have been in 3rd grade'd have made it more fun...