Saturday, June 19, 2010


I've decided that I need to make a plastic slip on bracelet with the initials WWBD on it.

That my dear friends stand for WHAT WOULD BEN DO.

Ben, being Benjamin Franklin, a man with a great, GREAT deal of common sense. Google Poor Richard's saying, if you don't believe me.

I find that common sense seems to be lacking more and more in our society. Perhaps, it too has or is being genetically mutated out of the human race.

I, back out of the parking space, at the home improvement store, cautiously. I see that the person on the opposite isle wants to back out, too. I stop, wait for him to back his van out.
Yes, I could zip by him but why cause more stress in somebodies life.

The pick up truck comes around into our isle. Does he stop? Can he not see the van half way out of the parking spot? Can he not see me sitting in my car, waiting, for the van to back out and pull away?

Apparently, not, what he can see is a tiny window of opportunity for him to scoot around the back of the van, tact to the right, around my car and zoom off.


That's not what I said out my window, though, when he gunned his motor and drove around my car. My quote was more along the lines of ..............well, use your imagination, you know me.


Anybody from the University of Wisconsin, adult education reading my blog? You know it wouldn't hurt you, in fact you might actually make a little money, if you started taping lectures and for a small fee and allowed alumni to sign up and watch them on the Internet.

"No, we don't do that," you told me, on the phone.
You can audit a class, sit in the back of the lecture hall, like a bump on a log, not take any tests, participate in any small groups or basically not make your presence known.
You can park in the Lake Street Ramp and walk up Bascom Hill in winter, bitter cold, icy sidewalk and be a bump, that is if when you get to the door of the lecture hall the professor allows you to even audit the class. He has the option of turning you away. BYE BYE

What? Older people want to learn? UNHEARD OF!!!!! You want to watch an Art History lecture on your computer screen, in your jammies, at 2:00 am when you can't sleep? TISH TOSH go to bed old person.

"Yes, the University of Wisconsin, adult education system is behind other Universities, sadly." you told me.

How difficult is this? Artists are offering videos of how to do something, available for up to 6 months viewing for $45.00 and up. They are using hand held cameras in some cases. AND THEY HAVE PAYING STUDENTS!!!!!!


"I am not running a restaurant here, kids. We are having hot dogs and hamburgers, on the grill.
Yes, I know your mother makes you macaroni and cheese and you get a baloney sandwich with mayo BUT your mother isn't here, Grammy is and this is what we are having. Don't like it? Then I guess you really aren't ready to eat, are you?"


I'm not a bitter person. Heck, I'm pretty laid back but there are so many situations lately that have me shaking my head. When did it become good business practice for a salesperson to be surly at a customer.
When did it become OK to answer a phone while waiting on an existing customer.
When did it become OK for a waiter to answer his personal cell phone while you are placing your order, with him, in a place with tablecloths and cloth napkins?


We are an overweight society. We love fast food and snack foods. Yeah, this one seems like common sense, doesn't it?

"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Be always ashamed to catch thyself idle.
Speak little, do much
Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.
Visits should be short, like a winter's day
Well done is better than well said.
A good example is the best sermon. "

I could go on and on. Good old Ben, nailed some good quotes there.

:)Bea "You may delay, but time will not", so go create!


  1. I've been saying for years that "common sense" is lacking in many generations. You have said it here much better and more tactfully than I ever have.
    Me: Use your common sense?
    Granddaughter: What is that and where is it?
    Me rolling my eyes: Geesh!!

    Loved the quotes you chose....

  2. Oh, man,,,do I relate and agree with this post.
    Common sense is slim to none, and Slim left town.
    Especially nodding my head with you on feeding the grandkids.
    Young people make their lives so much harder than they need be.
    We cooked,,set it out, they ate, end of story.
    I get so worn slick listening to:
    "Well then, what DO you want?"
    Oh, don't get me started,,,,,

  3. Hehehehe....Oh ben was a wild old dude, wasn't he?
    I find myself more and more becoming a hermit because I can't stand the mindless people bumbling around outside, is that horrible? We went to the store today (on saturday! bad idea!) and my husband and I noticed how everyone seemed to be in their own little world, not realizing that there were others around them, nearly running us over and generally being completely crazy. I had to go home before I had a panic attack ;) People are crazy....or maybe its me?

  4. Oh, Tess, it's so sad, isn't it? :)Bea

  5. Babs, my son and dil admit that it's just easier to feed everybody what they want and then it gets eaten. HOW IS THAT EASIER? What because they don't have to debate with anybody? I certainly didn't.
    Meals were served, you ate because you were hungry and that was that.
    If you didn't eat the kitchen was closed once I had the dishes done and the floor swept up. :)Bea

  6. Bea, I so agree with you on this post!

    My kids are 18 and 20, they both were raised with family dinner... every one ate what was cooked and put on the table, I don't do special order :) I did try to be considerate that if there was a veggie a person didn't like then I'd make two but they still had to try the one they didn't like. It doesn't take more than once or twice of "fine then don't eat" before they come around to eating what is put in front of them and being thankful it's there. Oh I could go on a huge rant with this one, but you put it so well!!

  7. I sigh as I nod in affirmation. Enough said.

  8. Why, I used to have a rule, try something three times before you even discuss your dislike of it, with me. I have to say, my kids did eat just about everything so why they don't encourage their children to do so, is beyond me. :)Bea

  9. Yeah, Donna, I see we are wearing the same t-shirt, huh> lololsnort :)Bea

  10. Can't disagree with you on any of those thoughts and comments.

    You would think that the university would want to find a way to draw older students into the mix, eh?

    After all, it really is the older students that ultimately pay for those empty seats in the long run.

  11. Georgie I can't understand it. They offer a flyer full of adult courses that either have little content or are for people changing fields but ALL of them require you to GO TO THE UNIVERSITY. The guy on the phone also told me that there were just some classes like art classes you just couldn't take over the Internet. WHAT? WHO SAID?
    I've taken plenty of art classes offered by fellow artists. I've posted my work, gotten feedback, learned a hell of a lot and only paid $45.00 and I still have all the notes posted and information downloaded on my computer. sigh

  12. the waiter answered his cell phone while waiting on you??? Unbelievable!!!! I would have walked out! :) Wait....I would have walked out after saying something to the manager. :) :)

  13. Oh, Lynn, we did. lol We were having dinner with our daughter and little Riley at our favorite Indian place. We were the first customers there. I was shocked but hungry so I told everybody to stay put and eat but afterwards had a word with the guy in charge. He nodded his head but it was more like, what can you do with the help these days. Very sad. If the food wasn't so darn good there....... :)Bea

  14. I am not in the space for my studio yet...but I am making all my arrangements and Ken is packing up my "Stuff" with such glee to get it out of my messy spaces. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  15. LOL Well, at least he is helping you, even if he does have his own agenda. lol What fun to plan a new space. :)Bea

  16. While I agree with you - I did a RAOK today and thought to myself I need to make sure I do that EVERYDAY - you feel so much better - anyway be careful of old Ben.
    He said there were 13 virtues (I could be wrong on the number) but when he reached the 12th one, he knew he was done. You see - the LAST one was "humility", lol. Yea, pretty hard to be humble when you are so sure you have the other virtures, lol.

  17. When I look at how society has evolved in general, I wonder who forgot to put the good tools back in the toolbox to be passed along. As I recall, my parents were thinking the same thing as my society evolved.

  18. Oh, Kathy, I tried those virtues once, when I was much younger. But, All work and no play made Bea grumpy. :)Bea

  19. Dotti, I am sure my parents thought the same thing. lolol :)Bea

  20. "Early to rise and early to bed
    Makes a man healthy, wealthy and dead"
    - James Thurber

    No, people mainly don't have common sense or manners. Depends how you were raised.

    As for surly salespeople - they don't get paid enough. If that job were actually valuable to them, we'd see a difference. Even a small commission would change things drastically. Can't expect people in a dead end job to be perky - the company that hires them should give them better incentives.

  21. I have to disagree with Wolynski about surly sales people. I worked as a bank cashier for ages, the pay was rubbish too. But the day goes much faster and your customers are happy and everyone is then happy so why not smile and be polite? I loved that I cheered so many people up.

    Bea, manners maketh the man - sadly we have lots of 'mankind' who have just no idea. I am just amazed at that waiter. As you say, pity they do such great food! As for car parking. Grrrrrr! That's all I have to say!