Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ten little plumpers!

Zeus has gone to Minneapolis to watch the World Cup soccer with number one son and family.

Hera is holding Mt. Olympus until his return.

Actually, I spent a great deal of the day, up in the studio, putting away some things, painting to small canvases with two coats of black gesso. Picture on that project tomorrow.

It's been humid and warm today but so overcast that it was hard to get the energy up to even work outside. The skies looked like they would start pouring any minute. Of course, nothing happened, no rain as of yet.

Poor little Sawyer asked PapaJohn why Grammybea didn't come up with him, to visit. When he heard that an old special friend was going to visit me he understood.
My dear, longtime, friend, Donna was making the rounds visiting friends and family this weekend. I got a good chunk of her time Thursday morning when we went for a girl's morning out and had pedicures.

I'm hoping to catch some more time with her this weekend. We'll see, she's in demand.

I started making some fabric paper today while the black gesso was drying. It's funny I didn't realize that Beryl Taylor is teaching at Valley Ridge this weekend.

I have her book, Mixed Media Explorations and her Cloth-paper Scissors Workshop DVD. Both I highly recommend. Her technique for making fabric paper is probably very close to a number of other techniques.

I've been using a 50-50 mixture of glue and water to "paint" the muslin, add my torn papers, paint some more and add white tissue paper as the next layer. When it's dry I painted on a very, very diluted water and acrylic paint mixture.

I love any technique that doesn't require me to worry about how I am executing the process.

I'll be cutting these papers up for other projects so in the process of just making them I'm relaxed and having fun.

I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend and hopefully doing something creative.



  1. Love the picture---I think the plumpers were the ones with blue shoes. Had a great you know by now Saturday got complicated. Thursday was the best and I adore my spiffy nails--helped me get through breakfast with mom and time with some "high maintenance" others.

    Thanks a million....and tell Sawyer I'm grateful, too.

  2. What a wonderful day and I love those toes!!!! I can not wait to see your newest papers! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart