Friday, June 11, 2010

This is really interesting!

I don't have cable so when I found out about this show I went to to watch it.
I've only watched the first show and I LOVE IT. OH BOY DO I LOVE IT. I hope you enjoy it too.

:)Bea Who is off to ride around in the golf cart with Zeus and take LOTS of pictures.


  1. Yeah, I watched it last night. I think it was DVR actually from the night before. I haven't decided yet if I am going to be a big fan or not. I do think it was funny that the woman whose personality was abrasive was the subject of a "dead" portrait that was the winner. A comment on her personality?? Tee Hee

    I do think that they were unfair in their judgment of the portrait that she did. I think that it was a great concept of the artist with OCD.

  2. I like to watch those competition-type shows -- I watch the food competitions and even the hair styling ones -- but I think this art show will be full of controversy simply because art is such a difficult subject to quantify. Still, I'm sure I'll enjoy watching it and listening to the impressions of the experts. I hope I learn a few things, too.

  3. wow...I might get hooked!

  4. I watched this first story line...and there were some intriguing questions posed and the thought provoking processes in deciding how to go about visualizing an identity portrait. Have a great weekend! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. I'm hooked. One because I love watching the process and of course they don't show me as much as I want. I can do without the personalities, nasty comments, attitude, etc. but that comes with the territory, I guess.
    I found it interesting to hear what the judges had to say about the paintings as a response to the challenge.
    I got to thinking about the portrait of the guy with OCD and it seems like if she had put his picture, big or little on every one of those dots they might have been happier with it. Because I got to see his movements in the studio it worked for me but for a stranger, probably not so much.
    I didn't know about the photography of the dead. Strange. I wonder if that was a flash in the pan kind of thing? :)Bea

  6. I don't have cable either - can't sit in front of the TV watching whatever. But I'll check this out on Hulu.