Friday, June 25, 2010

The nature of play and Mama Deer, baby, bunny and words from Louis


Yesterday the Mixed Media & Art Quilt group, met at the studio. Summers are busy for most of us so as usual the turn out was small but excited. There were four of us which is still more than enough to have some fun.
I did some last minute shopping and arrived home just as people were arriving, I grabbed my bags and what I thought was my little digital camera and went up to the studio with folks. Turns out I grabbed my phone!
So, no pictures of middle and older ladies PLAYING with paint, paste and water.
We made fabric paper. This is our second workshop on applying things to muslin. Last time we made the prayer flags using gel medium to apply black and white prints to the fabric and then painting the dried fabric with fabric paints.
This workshop we painted cut pieces of muslin with watered down glue, placed torn napkins, tissue paper or lightweight scrap paper to the wet glued piece, painted some more glue on top of that.......................messy, messy, fun stuff to do.............then applied white tissue paper to the top and finally painted this creation with watered down acrylic paints. We want them to have a transparent effect.
I had cut six pieces of fabric and waxed paper for each person to create their fabric papers.
They were drying all over the studio floor. It was so much fun.
Everybody seemed to notice the same thing that the first ones were a little more controlled, less free flowing than the later ones.
I think that's usually the case when you keep practicing a new technique. You relax, you stop trying to "be in your head" and just start to let color and your inner creativity flow.
The word of the day was "what if".

I have some pictures of the mama deer and baby that I took last night and this morning as they wandered around the yard. The computer I normally used to store my pictures is acting up. It's slowing down to a crawl. I've done the maintenance cleaning of the disks, etc. but it's five years old and seems to be feeling it's age.

OK, he's just cute. That's why.

Today, it's a back to the garden day. Grass to cut, thank you rain, very much! Some much needed tending of plants in the garden, putting some long overdue plants into the ground. You know all that stuff that you thought for sure you were going to get done last week and didn't.

It's going to be 87 tomorrow and I really don't want to be doing this. I would much rather be in the pool!

Sunday is Riley's FIRST BIRTHDAY! Mary has invited around 20 people over for a pool party.
I know I sound old when I mutter, WHERE DID THE TIME GO?

I hope you all have a wonderful creative day.

:)Bea Who is going to go out and dance with the swallows.



Two legged one, you have the ability to go in and out without help. You have opposeable thumbs.
You know how to drive. You know how to look in the rear view mirror and see that you have to open the garage door before you back out of the garage. I can not believe the Goddess actually put two-leggeds in charge. sigh

In my defense I just finished cutting grass for the second time this week and after two and half hours I was hot, tired and my blood sugar was low. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Good thing it's a two car garage and I was able to Y-turn, many, many, times my car around and get it out the other garage door. I think I really broke it this time. :(


  1. You are busy as ever Bea, but doing some wonderful fun things looks like. Dancing with the lovely!

  2. I'm so envious of your group! I would love to have a group of like minded people near me to get together with. Hmmm... maybe I should start one, huh? Anyway, sounds like you had a wonderfully creative time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Riley! Time does fly by! Just yesterday I was changing my youngest's diaper and today she's 8! Treasure every moment.

  3. When my two partners in crime get together to experiment their theme is "...and then let's set it on fire!" LOL experimentation in art is fun, isn't it?

  4. What a great treat you're providing for the creative souls in your zone. How fun!! Great photo banner too.

  5. Thanks guys! :)Bea

  6. Zeus here.

    It's true that several years ago, in a rush to get to the golf course, Zeus also backed into the same door.

    Compared to Hera's dent, my dent should pitch in its cards.

    The door is again working. Hera, are you listening? You owe Zeus, big time. (Cue thunder and lightning.)

  7. Oh Bea, what did you do to that door? I do hope it's not totally broken!

    Your little group sounds just fabulous. I might have a go at that paper sloshing, it sounds such fun.

    I have been planting plants today and weeding and all those things too. But then Wimbledon is on. Oh woe. Then the football. There are not enough hours in the day! ~hugs~, Gina xx

  8. I love that opening pic.

    Sometimes we all make teensy weensy driving mistakes.

    The beauty of being human.

  9. ZEUS--------Hera thanks you, from her mighty throne, in the sky. Beholden to you........I think not but I certainly do appreciate your handiness. SMOOOOOCHies! :)Hera

  10. Thanks Georgie, Louie is the funniest cat. I think a lot of orange tabbies have too much personality for their own good. :)Bea

  11. Gina, Zeus fixed the door and you would hardly even know that I tapped it ever so gently. lolololsnort :)Bea