Monday, June 14, 2010

Misty, moisty, morning for me.

It's 8:00 in the morning and it's dark outside. I'm beginning to feel like I live in the Artic circle. Of course, it's going to rain again today. We went from bare branches, dead of winter into a very quick spring and now summer. It seems like everything in my garden is growing ahead of schedule and certainly very fast!

Today, it's catch up day for those chores and errands that I managed to avoid doing over the weekend. John will be back from Minnesota tonight. I think a good hearty stew is called for. He will be playing some golf with Justin this morning if it isn't raining cats and dogs up there and then driving for four hours. Let me get out my crystal ball...............ah.........yes........dinner and then a nap by the TV.

I've been watching the Interweave DVD Texture transformation, stitch, alter, recycle with Natalya Aikens. I have to say I am very impressed with the DVD. Natalya is organized, thorough and professional. Frankly, I was relieved not to have Pokey sharing the set with her. I have another of their DVDs Layer by Layer with Beryl Taylor and I find it distracting and a tad annoying to have another person, on the set, asking questions as if she thinks Beryl isn't doing a good job. If the questions had been ones that brought up good points that the audience needed to know, fine but I find most of what she has to say distracting.

Natalya has a chapter about using her PhotoShop Elements and doing some editing of her own photographs and printing them out on fabric. She does a decent job of explaining it. Obviously, if you really want to learn your PhotoShop program it is worth it to take a class just for that purpose. There is a lot of information to learn.

I took over 200 photographs when I went along with Zeus to the golf course. This course was an older one with a lot of mature Midwestern trees. Because it kept looking like it was going to rain and then the sun would peek out I had a lot of interesting light effects. My header is one of the photographs that I took. I love how that turned out. Actually, I had a hard time weeding out pictures, I love, LOVE those old trees. I love the Willows, especially the grand dames and add some breeze or wind and you have their wonderful branches swaying.

And, texture shots! I get some of the best texture shots from tree trunks and usually on golf courses. I suppose if I walked in a woods a lot or some wonderful old park I could get some of the same shots but I don't so this works for me.

I'm off to start my laundry, get the grocery list and find Murphy's collar so we can get going on our errands.

:)Bea Who is determined to find some time to do something creative today.


  1. You would love the old hanging tree in Goliad. It's branches reach out a long way and they twist and turn every which way. A very old oak and lots of history there.

  2. Love the B&W - it's a different concept altogether from color - almost a different art form.

  3. Dark at 8 a.m.? It's light at 5 a.m. in Vegas.