Tuesday, June 08, 2010

If you give a Bea a broom.........

OK, I NEVER dressed my daughter in mother and daughter outfits but that's not to say I can't do it with my granddaughter!
Riley, walking around everywhere now. She'll be one at the end of the month. I get such a kick out of the little bow in her hair. Her mother said she had to do that if I was going to continue to buy boy's clothing for her.

I did my inside chores yesterday when the weather was nice and today it's pouring, AGAIN and I still haven't finished planting in the gardens. It's been like that this week. I'm working on projects, all kinds of projects or chores or whatever you want to call them and I'm getting things done but not what I mentally planned on doing. Not what's on my TO DO list. Everything is out of order. And, that's how I feel right now, scattered, out of order, not centered.
I swear yesterday was from the book, If you give Bea a chore........................... along the same lines as If you give a Bear a cookie, book.

I went outside to start work on the front walkway garden bed. I saw the electrical cord still piled up on the grass and remembered that Zeus wanted me to finish using the weed whacker around the boulders. Fine, that's downstairs and out the back door so I turned around to go back into the house and saw the mess, from the creative Robin's nest building still lying on the deck so I decided to get a broom, from inside and sweep it up. I got to the laundry room closet to get the broom and saw that some little person had gotten in the closet and taken the lid off the dog food container and there was dog food all over the floor of the closet. HEY, no problem, got the broom and cleaned it up.

And, here is where the problem begins. I couldn't remember why I wanted the broom. So I stood in the doorway and stared at the kitchen and decided that since I had the broom I would sweep up the kitchen. Done.

Got to the dining room, wood floors, swept it and decided that it needed to be washed. Put the broom away and got out the floor mop. Cleaned the dining room floor which leads right into the family room floor, don't you love those open floor plans? Kept washing wood floors. Got to the sunroon, hmmmm, tile, back to the laundry room closet to get a bucket and different mop for the tile.

I admit, these chores had to be done some day and apparently my cleaning self was in the mode.
Unfortunately, I never did get back outside to the garden or to the weed whacker.
I was so tired from all this sweeping, mopping and waxing that I took Murphy and went to bed for a nap.

Twenty minutes later I was up, Murphy and Louie, the cat were still asleep on the bed.
I made the Orange chicken for dinner, baked a cake, cleaned the lettuce from the garden I picked yesterday for a salad and poured myself a glass of wine.

I know some of you probably come here looking for inspiration, to see what I'm doing in the studio, check out the new photos and then all you get is this drivel. Sorry, folks, some days I'm just spinning in one spot and I get dizzy.

Don't give up on me! I may surprise you yet. Remember it's a good day when you are still above ground.


P.S. This morning I went out and swept up the straw from the Robin's creative nest building.


  1. At least you got a lot done!

  2. That's very true! lol :)Bea

  3. Well Bea, if you send me your address I will make a little bow for your head too.
    And....well I don't know where our broom is

  4. Ya'll look so cute in your blue shirts! :)
    Your day sounds like mine, especially the walking into a room and not remembering part. LOL
    It is pouring down rain here today too (no I won't complain about the rain), so I am inside working on Cat's online class project. I doubt if I get as much done to the house as you are! LOL

  5. I just laughed so hard at this one! Your granddaughter is sure cute. I'm afraid you have "where are the da**ed muffins" syndrome. Smell the muffins in the oven and they're almost done - go to find a potholder and the dryer buzzer goes off - fold the clothes and put them upstairs and realize the faucet in the bathroom keeps dripping - get a pair of pliers to tighten the handle and...and...and...all of a sudden smell burnt muffins! LOLOLOL By the way, if you go into a room to get a broom (or anything else) and can't remember why you needed it - sometimes walking backwards to where you came from will jog your memory (if you don't fall down first). LOLOLOL Great blog post!

  6. Oh MY,,,sounds kinda like my day today. I'm on break.
    Painted Sunday, ran errands Monday,,cleaning today, I think it's Tuesday.
    Anyway, I certainly relate. I've started and stopped the same jobs at least twice today. Distractions can be interesting, however.
    I found some lost stuff on one of my 'side trips'.
    And I love the Grandma/Grandaughter outfits!

  7. Mama said there'd be days like this. She just never said there'd be so many! Love the little bow!

  8. This happens to the best of us, my dear! Riley is just adorable and I think it's great that you dressed yourselves up the same. So cute! And.... for the record... I enjoy your posts whether there's goings on of your studio or just your life. :) Have a great 2 weeks, my friend, we are heading out tomorrow on our vacation and I won't be able to stay up with your blog. :(

  9. This story reminds me of when I started renovating my house. I started on the bathroom, and that looked so good it made the hallway looked so bad. and that looked so good it made the kitchen look bad. You can imagine the rest.

    Love the color of your and your granddaughter's shirts!!!

  10. You have THE way with word, Bea...the mundane is amusing...the so called 'ADD' we all suffer from is just a human condition, and it is productive in the end. I'm on the hamsters wheel everyday...and give thanks for what I've accomplished and remind myself of what I need to do tomorrow...for real this time.

    Riley and you and your eyes...turquoise is the color of joy, to me at least.

    And, finally, I want to thank you for caring about me...

  11. You go girl!!!! Riley is pure JOY!!!! Imagine and Live in Peace,....but I think you already do :O)
    Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  12. You two look beautiful! How very lucky you both are. Reading all you got done makes me want to go and take a nap!

  13. I got tired just reading about brooms and sweeping and, well, work!
    But the picture of you & Riley gave me a big smile.
    Happy days,