Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I was cutting the path in the upper northeast corner when I spotted these little flowers. Last year there were only two of them and I didn't stop the tractor in time so I ran over them. They are called Orange Hawkweed. Hawkweed because there was a mistaken belief that Hawks ate them to improve their vision. We have seven species growing in Wisconsin. I think it's adorable but I'm sure to many it's a noxious weed. It originated in Eurasia as an alpine plant. I found it growing next to three large boulders. It's amazing to me that I didn't plant it and here it finally pops up on my prairie path. It spreads by above ground runners. I'll worry about it becoming invasive when I find a bigger patch of it.

Here are Mary and Aunt Shari helping Riley take her first JUMP off the side of the pool. She thoroughly enjoyed the water, as did everybody when the temperature soared up into the 90s.

Well, Justin and family have gone back home. The house is very quiet. Murphy seems a little sad that Penny, their puppy, has gone away. He played so nicely with her. He was very patient when she tried to drag him across the room by his tail and when she climbed all over his head.

Since Riley's day care provider has the day off we are spending quality time together. I have put a king size down comforter on the floor in a pile and she is throwing herself on top of it.

I think she would love a child size bean bag chair but I remember when they were the fad and my boys had them and sure enough the sides split and little bits of whatever it was they used to stuff if poured and floated all over the family room.

I'll wait to buy her one when Mary has her own apartment.

Mary accidentally broke one of our side lamps in the downstairs bathroom, this morning.

I didn't ask how. I mean they have been there for 6 years or so and never gotten broken.

I just told her it was ok and that when she had her own apartment I would be happy to come over and break things for her. (just kidding)

Is this man too much or what? I mentioned to Zeus that I saw a clump of net caterpillars in my plum tree. I did NOT want him to cut the branch off. Since that is what you are supposed to do and then burn the branch he decided to take a different approach. I tell you our shop vacs get a lot of strange uses. It worked. He dumped the innards of the shop vac into the fire pit.

Number one son and Zeus got the window ac installed in the studio. YAYAYAYAY Most of the time if there is a breeze I will get it coming through one of the windows. Those 90 degree temperatures discourage any activity in the studio and that's not good.

My flowers are all blooming a head of time, it seems. All this warm weather we have had. I made a little collage of what I had taken so far this spring. If you click on the picture you can see a bigger picture. Enjoy the colors!

:)Bea When Alice went down the rabbit hole, in the book, I wanted to follow her.


  1. Amazing flowers! great idea to use the shop vac. At this point we're still battling the caterpillars but soon they'll start trying to clump in the trees.

  2. Thanks Deborah. I expected more damage from the tent caterpillars but I think the birds eat them as soon as they come out of the "tent". :)Bea

  3. Oh lovely flowers, I spied a Judas Tree in flower too. Is it yours?

    I laughed at Zeus hoovering up caterpillars!

  4. We have those orange flowers/weeds too. I quite like them but they make sort of dandelion clock seeds and I'm sure all of them turn into plants!!