Monday, June 21, 2010


It's raining here, so what else is new? I know some places and some years rain has been scarce. It certainly hasn't been like that here, this spring. Everything is growing way to fast and the scenery is so lush.

Zeus is getting really good at spotting possible photo opportunities. At one point he stopped the car and started backing up. I asked him what's up and he told me that there was something on his side of the road that I had to see. It's up on my header. Zeus said if he had any idea what kind of saw it was he would buy one and leave it by the sign, for the guy.

I'm painting the old studio today. I've been painting it all weekend, off and on. Painting is harder on older bodies than I remember it being. A lot of arm work and up and down the ladder.

I started out on the shortest wall with the beautiful soft mint green paint, that we had gotten.

Even when I was putting it on it didn't feel right. I wasn't happy with it. It was a beautiful color but it was making the woodwork, which is white look pinkie beige. I did that one wall and then asked Mary and Zeus their opinion. It was unanimous, pick a different color.

I saw a sunflower dress of Riley's that had a beautiful yellow in it. Zeus and I took the dress to the home improvement store, matched the yellow.

Of course, backing out of the parking space we almost got smashed by an SUV that just had to swerve around our back end, honk at us and then drop off his young wife, at the door of the store. I told Zeus that there is going to come a day when he has to bail me out of jail because of parking lot rage, on my part.

I will be painting a room a beautiful sunny yellow on this rainy day. I think the color is called Yellow Corn.

The plan is to make these two rooms upstairs the temporary guest rooms while Mary is living downstairs, with Riley. Justin and family will be able to stay in them when they come down for their visit. Their visit, is going to be this weekend for Riley's birthday, so I better get busy.
I had 10 yards of mulch delivered from the local stone and gravel guy, down the road. It's a beautiful pile of wood mulch. I get excited about things like that.

It took me six wheel barrow loads back and forth to just do the paths around two of my raised beds, in the garden. Zeus asked me what my plan was and I told him, probably six a day until I finish it. Bless his heart he said he would do the loading and moving of the mulch if I would just rake it out. We actually finished doing all the garden paths. It's the first year I've got it all done at once and on thick enough to actually work at keeping the weeds down.

It sure looks pretty.

OK, I'm off to paint.

:)Bea Who is hoping somebody gets to their creative spot and does some creating.


  1. Oh my gosh, Bea.... these photos are breath taking! AND, your garden is amazing! Ours is trying to come back to life. I'm thinking about doing raised beds next year but don't know anything about them. I'll have to do some reading online. Thank goodness for the internet!

  2. Absolutely great photos. You captured so much in your shots!
    And can I just say that you are a garden ROCK STAR! It rocks!

  3. Thanks Moriah. The nice thing about having all these beds is that I can rotate what I plant.
    The back three beds are really resting this year. They were planted last year with veggies.
    I'll put winter rye in them and then turn them over, next spring and plant them and give the front beds a rest. :)Bea

  4. Thanks! By the end of the summer it's going to look a lot fuller. Right now the roses are the rock stars! :)Bea

  5. Fantastic photos! What an amazing garden. Happy summer solstice!

  6. Your garden is gorgeous! Oh my wish I had some space to do that instead of just tomatoes all along the front of my house LOL We are having tomato salad for dinner though so I guess no matter what you plant - as long as it bears.....Happy Summer!

  7. Looks like someone stole Ben's saw.

    I was on the same wave-length as your sweet hubby...wish I could just replace it.

    I loved your last post! You know I'm down with Ben since kids know so many of his quotes.
    I CANNOT believe someone answered a cell phone while waiting on you...why would you be allowed to have a cell phone at your job???
    Mind boggling!!!
    If only he was carrying a saw instead...then you could have hand-cuffed him :D

  8. You rock lady!!! Your home and gardens make me almost green with envy!!! I love the serenity you share with me even when we are miles away. Simply lovely!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

  9. Very funny header - thought it said "sow" - imagined someone walking off with a giant pig.

    Love yellow for rooms - sunny and happy. Not fond of greens and blues, except for turquoise, which is fabulous. There's a reason they make jails and hospitals green - to subdue people - institutional color. Warm (yellow, red, pink)works best in living and working spaces.

  10. I love the pictures! It looks beautiful out there! Post pictures of the new guest room! We are looking for a paint color for the downstairs bathroom so maybe we'll get some inspiration!

  11. holy cow it's beautiful there. Did I really just say holy cow? That sky is this side of heaven. I need a break from New York City. Let's switch houses for a week.

  12. so much in this post!
    Beautifully lush landscape, yes!
    I love the sculptures on the side of the barn.
    I was already tired from painting myself today, (outside, hot)
    but now I'm worn slick from listening to what all you've been doing.
    Yellow,,,I love it, and have it too. Always feels so cheery.

  13. Caitlin, pictures as soon as I get it cleaned up in there and the beds set up. Debating whether or not I have to paint the ceiling. :)Bea

  14. OOOO, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your garden! What lovely pics too. But my fave is the garden. Wow. That's all I can say. Wow.

  15. Those photos are stunning Bea. I love the 'saw' one!! Poor chap. The horses shot is super too. Well, they all are! Your allotment area looks great, what a great job you and Zeus have done. Go you.