Monday, June 28, 2010

Ghost Images

OK, I KNOW there are some of you out there that have no truck with what I'm about to say and that's OK. You're OK and I'm OK...............This is a series of pictures that my DIL, Shari took of Riley yesterday. She was taking pictures of the dogs, the kids and then these of Riley, the next pictures that follow were of the boys playing on the grass. ONLY THESE PICTURES of Riley have this ghost image bubble.
There was nothing on the lens, no sun spots, nothing.

Now, I'm sure that somebody out there has a perfectly logical explanation for this.

I prefer to think of it as the spirit images of two people that I know would have loved to have been at Riley's birthday party, her great grandma Virginia and her grandmother, Suzanne.
Riley's middle name is Suzanne. If you look closely at the picture you will see that there are two very close circles, always next to Riley's head.

In fact in one it actually looks like she is holding hands with someone.

And, yes, perhaps you are shaking your head or giggling or just saying why do I bother with her blog....................... so be it.

The thought of these two wonderful women sharing this special event with Riley makes me SMILE, BIG TIME. I truly believe that the veil between worlds is much thinner than we realize. We are blind but they can see.

:)Bea Who can imagine anything, can you?


  1. Who knows for sure what the bubbles are but it feels good to think of it as being our loved ones, doesn't it!

  2. I always look at spots like that and wonder. I agree that it is nice to think that my mom or someone is always around and I actually look for evidence of this. We just don't know for sure.

    When my mom passed last October my dad said as they took her away... "she has all the answers now" and I believe she does and someday we will, too.

  3. I've never had this kind of "spot" show up on my photos or lens. I miss Virginia terribly so it really makes me feel good to think she might have "visited" on that day. Suzanne, was the biological father's mother and she died very when her children were very small.
    I think she would have adored Riley. :)Bea

  4. I absolutely think you're spot on! Very cool pictures and thanks for sharing.

  5. Well, I definitely think there is some great loving energy with her.
    I've seen these orbs before :)
    Lucky little one!

  6. Love the pictures of Riley. And who is to say that those two "Bubbles" were not her Grandmothers. I know I carry the spirit of someone I have loved since I was 15 and still mourn this lose for the past 9 yrs. No matter how many miles seperated us over the years we always knew when something was happening to the other. It remains to this day even though this person is in heaven now. Our lives have always been linkedd and will remain so even after death.

  7. I always know my parents are nearby. I've never "caught" them on camera as you may have, but I can feel them when they're there. How sweet for you to have this charming memento!

  8. Anonymous8:44 PM

    I may be crazy too, cause many think I am, but I have believed that they are angels for some time. It's a long story why I believe that, but those images are angels in my opinion. The photos are beautiful!

  9. Looks like lens flare to me, but your explanation is much better.

  10. It's a nice thought!

  11. Bea, couldn't agree more with you :)

    I've had orbs show up out of no where in a series of photos, in some but not others and I've had people try to explain them away... BUT no spots on the lens, standing in exact same spot with photos taken with in seconds of each other etc etc.

    I know my parents visit my sons, they were the apple of their grandparents eyes when Grandma and GrandDad were alive... I know it hasn't changed since they went over to the other side. Yes the veil is thinner than we realize, some times we get a glimpse of something special.

    Have a fantastic Fourth of July and visit, Be Well and keep safe :)

  12. Have I missed you? Have you gone? Well, have a wonderful time anyway and I know you'll just adore the new grandbaby! Do take lots of photos. 4th July sounds great fun - enjoy. See you next Thursday. xxxxxxxxxxxxx