Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It really doesn't seem that long ago, fourteen years. I can see so many of their big life events so clearly, in my mind. They were good friends in college and built a partnership around that friendship. They have both grown up into wonderful parents, good partners, responsible, loving, funny people.
I am lucky that I get to see them often and spend time with my grandchildren. I am grateful that they enjoy coming down, from Minnesota and spending time with us. I appreciate how helpful they are when they do come to visit.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, JUSTIN AND SHARI and may you have many, many more of them.

:)Mama Who is very happy for them.


  1. what a lovely family! I love the 80's picture of them so young with her and that beautiful hair! Life is good.

  2. Hi Jaime, YES IT IS. And, I know I'm so grateful for that. They are good kids and adults. And, you are right, that hair! lolol :)Bea

  3. Beautiful photos Bea. Such a lovely family. Like mine!! lol.