Saturday, June 05, 2010

First CHASING THE SUNSET ride for the summer.

Last night we headed out for a drive, after dinner. We travel the back roads, watching the sunset, taking in the sights of what is planted in the fields, wildlife, farms, etc. We usually end up at the ice cream shop but gave it a pass last night. Of course, I didn't grab my camera because I thought we were going to be taking my car not John's. A couple of times, one of us would comment, WOW, that would have been a great picture! Oh well, next time.
It's pouring. We had the Tornado sirens go off, apparently a funnel cloud or two was sighted but since they didn't touch ground they aren't official. Nothing out this way.
I did get some work done in the yard before the rain came. Right now it's just absolutely pouring but no thunder or lightening. I tied back my tomato plants this morning, might have to check them again after this rain, I bet they grew.
I am constantly surprised at how tired I get after two hours or so of gardening. It's not that hard work. Especially, with all this rain we have been having. I filled three large tubs with weeds from the perennial bed. It wasn't like I had to stand over them and YANK them out! lol
I'm just always surprised when something I could do easily years ago takes longer and more effort.
I think we are going to hit the Indian restaurant tonight. I am in need of a curry fix and oooooooooh that coconut soup is just wonderful.
I am typing and watching a young bunny jump up and down in spurts. Apparently, he enjoys a rain bath.
Oh, and you should see all the plums on my plum tree. Remember, last summer when I made all that Plum Chutney? Yeah, well, I still have a shelf full of it. I'm in need of some good recipes for this years batch of plums.

:)Bea Who hopes somebody is creating in their studio.


  1. We enjoyed the delightful symphony of the tornado sirens last night...whew we are living in a cycle where by evening we can almost assure a night time of Nature's fireworks. I only have a cherry tree and so far the raccoons have managed to get to them before we can make a cherry pie. Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy our little conversations at the end of the day? Tomorrow I have to complete my Summer of Love collage for our Ovation auction to continue the Yellow bus series where children get free performances and sit in the plush green velvet seats of our beloved Midland theater. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. You, my friend, are always, DOING.
    My grandmother would say you are a good doer. :)Bea

  3. WE had hurricane force winds of 80n mph here the other night. Two systems collided and boy did it do some damage to some places. We lucked out and no problems here, TG.
    Plums? The only thing I've done with plums is from the juice, make jelly. We don't grow them here, but I got some from a friend In Colorado Springs. It's peach time here in the hill country, about 3 hours away. Poo, wish it was closer!

  4. Oh you have tornado sirens? How exciting! I bet the garden loved the rain. We have had some today and it's all so fresh out there.

    I laughed at your stock of plum chutney. We always have blackcurrant jam from last year and sometimes the year before! We never learn.

  5. Growing older - ain't that a bitch? Takes you by surprise, because your mind is still the same. Housework exhausts me, that's why I avoid it, except when I'm expecting company.