Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The clock ticks on.

Curran James and Caitlin, now home and getting into a routine. Look at this woman! She just gave birth and she looks beautiful and is wearing pearls. sigh.........I have the most amazing daughter-in-laws.
June 2nd and I feel the clock ticking. I have flowers to get planted in the pots on the back decks, lilies to plant along the front walk way, lettuce to pick and probably a hundred other outdoor things I think I have to do. It didn't rain as much as I would have liked last night so I have to do some soaking of the area where I want to plant my Lilies.

While that is happening I want to run to the store and pick up some groceries, especially some soy milk and baking soda. Then a quick stop at the fabric store to buy some linen. I AM, I tell you I AM going to do some mordanting of the linen with the soy milk and baking soda and after a couple of dips and drying time I will do some hot process/steaming or Eco printing on the linen.

It takes days or weeks for it to properly set so I need to get going on this.

My thumb joint is still very sore. I have no idea what I could have done to it. I certainly would remember jamming it and that didn't happen. I swear if it isn't one thing it's another. Well, it's not going to slow me down. I have a list and by golly I'm going to get some of these things checked off.

I had a wonderful relaxing day with Riley yesterday. I simply didn't try to do anything but wash my meal dishes, do a load of laundry and play with her. She is the happiest child. It's a delight to spend time with her. Papa John stopped in the charity story to look for something and turned around to find a shelf of stuffed animals. He came home with a wonderful hound looking stuffed dog. Murphy was impressed. Riley thought it was great and giggled and hugged it and took it to bed with her. It's always nice when you give a gift that is REALLY appreciated!

BTW, the Native American Full Moon for June is THE STRAWBERRY MOON. I'm sorry I didn't get that posted the last week of May for those of you participating.

I'm still behind on my May Full Moon project. I got it into my head that I wanted to do something different and I've been looking for the "right" thing to use. Don't ask me what that is because I honestly don't have a clue BUT I will know when I see it. I just hope I don't cause an accident when I slam on the brakes to stop the car and pick it up, what ever it is.

:)Bea Owning cats is like eating potato chips, it's really hard to stop at one.


  1. Oh! Aren't they beautiful! It's amazing to me how much easier giving birth is now as compared to the dark ages when I had mine. No way could I have looked half so good.
    Beautiful, Bea,,,I know you're proud!
    Your to-do list makes me as tired as my own does.
    But check them off we will!

  2. Great pics and good luck with your latest project.

  3. Wow, she does look beautiful! Aww, what a sweet little baby. :D I cant believe she labored in pearls!

    Strawberry moon! now that sounds lovely! How interesting, your moon project. I will keep an eye out for this strawberry!~@!

  4. Beautiful pic....your to-do list made me tired.

  5. Babs and Tess, that's probably why I don't make those lists to often, they make me tired checking them off!! :)Bea

  6. Thanks G. We both seem to be on a roll. Your stories are really moving along! :)Bea

  7. Heather, she amazes me. She's tiny and smart and teaches high school History in one of the toughest, hardest, poorest schools in Boston. The kids love her. I can understand why. :)Bea

  8. They are simply the most beautiful are so blessed and yes it is hard to believe she just had this baby. I should be able to get back to my full moon collaborations next week, I have to finish a donation for our Midland Theater's Ovation "Summer of Love" fund raiser. The auction is next FRIDAY.... Imagine and Live in Peace, what a beautiful family you have i your circle of life. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. Hi Bea - just read your current post but will scroll down to read more after I send this. Visiting your blog is like calling a friend and catching up! Your blog is the first one I visit when I decide to go for a stroll through blogland.
    Oh - I know that 'time is running out feeling' - our yard is just a yard right now - no flowers to speak of other than a sprinkle of perennials. But our weather has been awful and that spring feeling I had in March was dashed by the subsequent snow storms throughout April-May. When you're talking to Mother Earth today, will you remind her it is JUNE!!
    Take care - I think playing with Riley indicates you have your priorities in a lovely order!

  10. What a wonderful photo and Mum is indeed beautiful. I looked a bit of a wreck!

    Gosh you do have a very long list, don't you? I just don't write the things to do down anymore, I'd need a whole wall. Then I'd just get depressed when I didn't get things done. I do hope they mystery thumb soreness clears up soon. xxx