Friday, June 18, 2010

Body Art

This morning my daughter showed me the new body art she had acquired last night. Riley is her daughter and the heart is covering up a long overdue, partially done tat, by a friend (?), from her high school days. She is quite pleased with them.

I find them interesting but lack the full appreciation of body art. I find myself staring at young men and women that have their arms covered with decorations. I am fascinated with what they put on themselves.
I have such a low pain threshold even the thought of a needle making holes in my skin makes me nauseated.
Mary also has a butterfly on her ankle that she got when she lived in Chile for a while.

I was picking up Murphy from Puppy Day Care yesterday and the young woman, behind the desk, was pending over to pick up papers. I hear her mutter out loud, "if you see a butterfly we are both in big trouble".
Lucky for me, I was digging through their candy dish, looking for some salt water taffy.

:)Bea Who could see wearing washable body art, maybe.......................


  1. Too funny about the puppy day care lady's remark! My daughter had always wanted a tattoo - when she was 16 I told her if she still wanted it in a year I'd take her to get it done and sign if they needed parental approval. So on her 17th birthday we went and in our state it's against the law to tattoo anyone under 18. So...I told her if she still wanted one when she was 18, I'd go with her and get one too...of course thinking she would give up on the idea by then. NOT! LOLOLOL On her 18th birthday we had a mom/daughter day out, each of us got a tattoo and she had her eyebrow pierced. Now of course she made me go first since she knew if I watched her get one I'd chicken out. So I picked the smallest thing in the shop - a tiny butterfly. Actually it isn't too bad and I have a very low pain tolerance - only hurts when that needle is doing the design and it doesn't take long. I got mine on my forearm. Everyone said ewww why did you get it where it shows? Well heck - if you are going to go through pain, it better show LOLOLOL As I'm getting older though I worry that when I'm in my 70s or 80s and wrinkled that it will look like a bedraggled moth! LOLOLOL

  2. Ouch! I know that one on the wrist hurt. I have 2. my first one on my thigh didn't hurt. The second...on my was very annoying. Close to the bones is a bit ouchy.
    I wouldn't do it again...but I was young. I took Leo for his first tat
    when he was 16. That was actually more painful.
    I'm thinking a red boot on your a$$! No bones there!

  3. I think had tats been popular when I was young I might have had a small one someplace.Ankle maybe.But I don't get it today,,,when I see what some of these people have done to themselves.And I'm imagining that when they're my age they may be very sorry.
    When my silly sister turned 50 she had her navel pierced.She is definitely not the body piercing type. We other, (shocked) 3 sisters asked her: "why in the world?" She said, "oh I don't know, I guess just because I could."
    We all laughed and said we were telling Mom.

  4. I'm sitting here laughing outloud at all of your comments. This is so funny. I had no idea so many people my age or there abouts had tats. I like the idea of a red boot on my ass....lolololsnort.........
    "telling Mom" lolololand the idea of what that little butterfly is going to look like at 80!!!!! lololololsnort :)Bea

  5. I often wonder if people get addicted to body art - they start with one and just keep going. If I was ever to get one, it would be where it wouldn't show...but I'm never doing that!!

  6. I echo the aversion to pain--also, if there were better colors I'd certainly be more attracted...but I really am not fond of the color, the pain, or the additional worry of needle if we are going to fantasize...I'd probably have "Kiss My" on one of the prominent surfaces of my derriere.

    My oldest has a devil on one shoulder and an angel on his other...reminders of the extemes of nature. No offense, Philip, I don't need a tat to remind me (for either of us).

  7. Mim, I think they do. I remember seeing a young woman, in New Mexico that was completely covered with them. She was wearing hardly anything and sitting in the park. She was very colorful, I'll say that. :)Bea

  8. Lucci, lololol that one made me chuckle. I know if I had had one done, years ago I would have had it where I could see it.
    I just wonder how I would feel about it, say at 85? :)Bea

  9. I got my first one at 24? two siamese cats about an inch big, then two others my 26th year.. small tribal on a shoulder blade and a dragon just below my hip. All three are where other people can only see them if I am wearing a swimsuit, because back then I wanted to make sure I could dress professional and job-related people couldn't see them.

    There were two more I wanted to get and just haven't ever gotten there... needed to spend money on other things. Who knows, maybe I'll still manage to get my tribal dolphin and a customized scrollwork/tribal down my back :) Although now maybe I need a sea turtle too?!
    You are never too old to invest in art, especially body art!

  10. So true...Why, and the tribal dolphin and sea turtle sound beautiful. My daughter really loved the guy that she found. He has a very small little shop but has a book full of his drawings that she said were fantastic. I expect she's going to be getting more, over the years. :)Bea

  11. Tatoos; what a waste of perfectly good skin!

  12. I have to say I just hate them! I am not bothered about the pain aspect as I have a high pain threshold, but I just think they look awful. My daughter is covered in them. She has butterflies in a 'trail' all over her body and a big red dragon on her back. Then my stupid youngest son had a huge one done on his back and arm. Ghastly. I just want to wash them off. If only.