Saturday, June 26, 2010

The berries are ripe.

Zeus, in his majestic magnificence FIXED the garage door. CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP
I think I will give him my first born. hmmmmmmmm let's see, ah yes, Artemis. Seems like a fair trade.

Justin and family get in about 1:00 a.m. tonight. I'll probably be zonked out and see everybody, in the morning.

We are setting up the new CORN YELLOW guest room. Boy oh boy, oh boy, is it pretty. We went out for coffee this morning and stopped at the home store and picked up window blinds, that morning light will come pouring in. I'll take a picture for the curious.
John moved the wooded quilt hanger to that room and hung my antique early 1930's quilt for me, on the wall opposite the beds. I love that quilt. It's a true patchwork, with feed sack material and old aprons and dresses. Who ever made it did it by hand and she wasn't the best seamstress but it has the feel of something made with love. It certainly would not pass any quilt show judges or most of the quilt goers, that's for sure.
I thought I would show you the Tangerine Room. I know both rooms still look a little stark but they are waiting for my art work to get up on the walls. :)
We moved one twin bed out of Mary's room and one from Riley's room, upstairs to the new guest room. Now both of them have a lot more room in their respective bedrooms. Since it seems that Mary and Riley will be living here a little longer than we had expected we're trying to make it more comfortable for them.

I am blessed to be able to have this room in this house to share with my family. A special thanks to Zeus who took a brave step in deciding to build this house and make this move to the country.

The raspberries are ripe and I am sitting here, at the computer looking out the window and watching, five large turkey hens, move along the ridge of my driveway, eating the berries.

Yesterday it was the mother deer and her fawn checking out the driveway.
This is the perennial bed that I planted yesterday. Plants were on sale, it's the end of the planting season around here and some good deals on plants. I'll let these settle in for a year or two and then divide them up and move them to other garden beds.
Ok, folks I have to go. I have to go watch the USA play in the World Cup game.

:)Bea Who raised three soccer players and still has one big one that plays. Ok, it's in the over 60 league but he still plays.


  1. Love that old quilt! Always enjoy your posts and photos Bea!

  2. Thanks Yvonne. Well, USA gave a good show but time to come home. :)Bea

  3. The rooms look great. Do I see two different kitties?

  4. Love the hanging quilt, Bea and the description you gave of it made me say "awww." Give your kitty a big hug for me. I'm a sucker for cats.

  5. Oh how I love your corn yellow room, it is so bright and cheery. That quilt looks awesome hanging on the wall. Your yellow cat is not stupid!! Cozey up that cat is...

  6. Oh I love all of your quitls! The rooms look fabulous, I love both of those colors! I'm in Carole's workshop with you and thought I'd come visit.... Marva

  7. LOL Oh tESS, Louis isn't stupid that's just what we are sure he mutters almost all day long at us and Murphy and Cleo. lololsnort :)Bea

  8. Deborah, that black cat is our older cat, Cleo and Louie is four years old. We think Cleo is 12. She sleeps a lot and tries to avoid Louie hugging her. :)Bea

  9. Linda, I just love to stroke that quilt. I often wonder who made it. Was she young, old, going blind, poor, waiting for someone to come home, just lost somebody, what was she thinking about when she sewed it, where was she when she was working on it..........sigh so many questions. :)Bea

  10. Hey Marva, thanks for stopping by.
    I really appreciate you taking the time to pop on over and especially to leave a comment. :)Bea