Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Article by Seth is worth reading and seeing his artwork.

Seth has a very interesting article on his blog space, written by him about finding your own voice.
It's worth taking the time to read but be sure to click on his artwork and take a close look at the layers and details. WONDERFUL STUFF, Seth.
I'm off to run errands, all those last minute got to get done before we leave stuff.
I'll check back in later.
I'm really thinking about hauling the heavy old laptop with us so I can keep reading my favorite blogs and post pictures, we'll see.
I'm still dreaming about getting a new lightweight lap top. sigh...................One can dream.


  1. Loved the article...he had a good one in in the May/June CPS on erosion bundles and their use in art.

  2. Anonymous9:13 PM

    So many people are looking for their own voice aren't they. Even the greatest artists in the world copy each other. So few individuals in our world, in any field.

  3. Seth is a human gift to all artistic spirits...we have all been blessed by this magic man. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart