Saturday, June 26, 2010

Are they cute or what?

Well, Penny, the puppy, isn't going to be this little anymore. Is Murphy in for a surprise. The rooms are all ready, stuff has been cleaned up, put away, stacked in other places to be dealt with after company leaves. I'm tired but looking forward to their visit.

On an entirely different subject..............

Murphy tries to sleep as close to me as possible, which is fine but I think we might be having cross-over dreams.
Last night I had a dream that John and I stayed at this very nice Bed and Breakfast place. I have no idea where it was but in the morning, after a nice breakfast our hosts told us we were going riding.
It wasn't in my plans but they seemed very insistent and as dreams go I ended up on top of a horse.
So there are the two of us galloping across open land when I spot what looks like a pack of Murphy's running along the edge of ridge.
I point this out this John and we follow these little white dogs running as fast as they can.
They disappear over the edge of the ridge. We rein in our horses and stop at the edge and peer down.
It's like looking down into the Grand Canyon! But there are tiers all the way down and on one side of the canyon all the "Murphy's" are dressing in blue caps and vests.
On our side, running to their spots on a lower tier are our little white group of Murphy's.

Having trouble picturing this? Remember Star Wars? Remember the little Ewoks? With their little leather caps and vests and adorable little faces? Yeah, well, here's a whole Grand Canyon full of them but in blue and white.

A little creepy.

Zeus says that he is no longer unhappy that Murphy prefers to snuggle up with me. He has no desire to experience dog dreams.

:) Bea, who thinks there might be a story here somewhere or therapy time.

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  1. Wow, what a weird dream that was. I loved the Ewoks! Ben used to have one. I laughed at Zeus's comment.

    I made Jim laugh the other morning. I shouted in my sleep 'Simon D.....d, will you get out of my dreams'. LOL.