Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What I did on the Fifth of May.

It's quite now, the sun is going down and the 50 mile an hour winds have stopped. There is much bird chatter in the yard. I suspect that some nests were damaged in these high winds. I feel sorry for the Cardinals, they seem to build rather flimsy nests in bushes. At least, the robins have anchored theirs with mud. The Phoebe has built hers on top of the electrical box, under the upper deck. Well protected from rain and wind but not from the clumping of feet from the humans using the deck. She hasn't gotten used to us yet.
I cut the grass again. With all the rain we have been having it's been growing beautifully but started to look a little shaggy.
I've been clearing a path around the back of the fence that is around the pool. Last year some pretty nasty thistles poked themselves right through the fence to see what was going on in the pool area.
I probably shouldn't have and I may regret it but I bought some tomato plants today at the greenhouse. Roma and some Heirloom varieties. I may just pot them up in bigger pots and keep them on the deck until June 1st. At least then I can bring them insides if we get some nasty weather.
The weather people mentioned SNOW up in the Minneapolis area, this weekend. It can happen.
It's why usually I really try to slow down my urge to plant flowers until the end of May.
I do need to do some more work in the gardens tomorrow because it's going to rain on Friday, again. I think I'll spend Friday in the studio.
There are some little bunnies out on my front walk. I have a feeling they came from a nest under the front decking. They are so funny to watch because for no reason, that I can see, they will suddenly jump up and down, run around in circles, jump some more and then continue eating.
Funniest thing I've ever seen.
The Phlox is starting to bloom. I want to walk over to the edge of the woods and see if it's blooming in the woods yet. When it does I want to get a picture, it's like a fairyland, in there.
Ok, that's it for tonight. I'm tired and sore and I KNOW I did a lot today, although it seems like a lot of little things that can't really seem to be recalled.

:)Bea To bed, to dream about creating.


  1. Slow are moving too fast..I think that is the Loving Spoonful song. I have tiny little rascals bunnies and they are totally acting like Mexican jumping they know it is Cinco de Mayo??? Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. It's great to grow your own vegetables - tomatoes, wild strawberries,radishes and chives were my favorite things from my grandmother's garden.

  3. Well, Mary Helen, I'm feeling it today. Good thing it's raining so I can do some less exhausting work, inside. :)Bea