Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome Penny and the Prayer Flag Project

My oldest son and family adopted this little Labradoodle puppy this weekend. Her name is Penny.
WELCOME to the family, Penny!
The Prayer Flags are completed and hanging at the entrance to my garden. I had two other members of the Mixed Media & Fiber Arts Third Thursday group, at the workshop, last Thursday. We had a blast making these prayer flags.

We collaged cut out black and white paper images and glued them to bleached muslin. When they were dry we painted the images with different colored fabric paints. Heavy on the metallic paints! I like the sparklie. I wrote words on mine after they had dried with black fine point magic marker.
I've been working in the yard non stop. With this heat and high temperatures that snuck up on us, things are growing faster than I had expected. Things that I just planted need to be watered to protect them from the heat.
Yesterday, while the sweat was rolling down my face and I had taken off my sunglasses because I couldn't even see out of them, from the sweat, I heard a WHOOP and stood up to see Zeus, plunging into the pool, clothes on an all.
Well, this isn't acceptable! I stomped right over there, hosed off my hands, legs, face and jumped in too. Like a couple of kids we were. I wore my wet clothes back to the garden and steamed myself dry.
I had some bales of marsh hay behind the barn. They were wrapped in plastic but since they were a couple of years old the plastic had holes in it. I KNEW, I just KNEW that I was going to find mice or snakes in those bales. I pulled up my big girl panties and hoisted a bale off the pile and dragged it back to the garden. With these 90 degree days I had to get that mulch on the garden beds fast.
I carefully cut open the bale and poked the handle of my spade into the bale. YUP, SNAKES a bunch of skinny green and gold (Packer supporters, I guess) snakes started slithering out of the bale. I didn't scream but I did move very quickly, backwards, out of the garden.
I went back to the pool. I gave them plenty of time to find a new home or be a meal for the circling hawk family.
:) Bea I dream of creating all night long. Do you?


  1. The pool sounds good!

  2. Penny is adorable! And your garden looks great. But I would not want to deal with snakes.

  3. I've always wanted a labradoodle after I first saw one that a friend had. Sooo adorable!
    Oh boy, I would've been doing the "dodge the snakes" dance too! Sounds like you are as warm as we are. 89 today! Your garden and prayer flags look great!

  4. Those prayer flags are beautiful..and Penny is just precious, what a very cute pup! No snakes for me either, I'd have been across town like a flash..

  5. ok i'm in LOVE with that dog. IN LOVE. and um, snakes? you are an intrepid soul.

  6. Love your prayer flag banner! I'd love to see some close ups. Penny is so cute and what a great picture!

    I live out in the country, too and have actually had quite a few snakes in the house every year. My husband is terrified of them, he screams like a girl every time one is encountered... ha ha and HE is the original country boy! I have to go over and pick them up and remove them lest they fall prey to the shovel.

    cute post!

  7. What a fabulous little garden spot. I love the way the prayer flags are draped along the gate. Penny is cute and as for snakes. I'd have hooped and hollered clear to the next county. I hate them things.....

  8. Penny is just a big huggable teddy bear! The snakes not so cute!!! I would have stayed in the pool was so hot and humid here today...not exactly an easy day to hang the works but I am not complaining. Imagine and Live in Peace, dear friend. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. You jumped in the pool fully clothed, you wild thing?

    Don't think I'd fancy being around snakes.

    Lovely little dog - I hope it came from the pound. Just went to a Best In Show featuring dogs from the shelter. Heartbreaking what lovely animals people abandon.

  10. Loved the pool episode!

  11. Send close ups of the flags--they look great...just want to know what they are close up.

  12. Hi Bea :)
    Your prayer flags look fantastic!
    I cheated and bought some already made, by third world women, so I feel very good about them, even if I didn't create them myself.
    I can't believe you are so ballsy...the snakes! No way!
    I've been reading over everything I missed... The Lion King
    Ben Franklin (love him)
    the oppisite of skinny-dipping, lol
    You are so much fun to read about!

  13. Penny is adorable. I had a lab springer and he was wonderful. Sadly he was hit by and landrover and killed outright.

    I loved the story of Zeus jumping into the pool, Jim and I have been regretting not having one during our hot spell. And you too, what fun you had. Brilliant.

    snakes - aaaah! I'd have hated them.