Monday, May 17, 2010

There's a quote from this movie for just about everything in life.

"If your sills were shot and your timbers was okay, I'd say fix her up.
If your timbers were shot and sills was okay, I'd say fix her up.
But your sills are shot and your timbers are shot."

The male Purple Finch chirping to the female Purple Finch could have been right out of this movie. ........... Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, one of my all time favorite movies.

Anyway, there was a great deal of discussion between the two birds as they perched on the edge of the abandoned Robin's nest. You remember the free form nest building Robin that never came back after spending an afternoon sitting in her nest. I suspect her response, after a couple of hours was something along the line of ...........YOU WANT ME TO WHAT? FOR HOW LONG?

And, no nothing has happened to said Robin because I watched her, with great enthusiasm, try to build THREE different nests along the portion of the deck that runs under the deck railing. One of the stupidest places I have ever seen to build a nest. She gave it three tries and didn't come back to any of them, either. Maybe she just likes the fun of free form nest building.

I know I much rather enjoy creating and making quilt tops rather than the actual putting together of the top, batting and backing. It's a pain in my neck. Really, quilting by machine gives me a pain in the neck. Which might explain a number of unfinished quilt tops, nicely folded on my shelf.

I went to Urgent Care this morning, wore my little face mask. I felt very much like the folks in the pictures I sometimes see, from China or Japan. Everybody walking the streets with a face mask on. I got my lecture on using my Neti pot, once again.

I know, I know before you leave me I TOLD YOU SO comments I did buy one and try it and the sensation of water up my nose reminds me very much of swimming lessons at the public pool when I was 8. I didn't like it then and I haven't changed my mind. BUT................I know.............if I use it when the head cold first hits I can keep it, the said head cold, from becoming a haven for bacteria.

So, I am on antibiotics now. I am to get lots of sleep. This from this barely out of high school looking PA. I told her my sleep habits suck. That I'm lucky if I get four hours uninterrupted sleep a night. She suggested a day time nap. One ahead of you there, sweetiepie. I take a 20 minute power nap in the afternoon. I wake up exactly 20 minutes after I fall asleep. No clock, watches or somebody waking me up. I have some sort of internal timer. Not good for much of anything else but 20 minute naps.

Anywho, the male Purple Finch has been chirping at the female for quite a long time now. She hops into the untenanted nest and rearranges some dried grasses, hops out and listens to more chirping. I can see her point. It looks like a perfectly good nest, built close under the porch overhang. A little large but that can be adjusted with a nest within a nest.

But, I can see his concern. I know who built that nest and frankly the timbers might be a wee shot.

Speaking of nest building, I meet with my daughter and the apartment renting company rep., this afternoon. It looks like she has finally found an apartment, within her budget, in a safe place, corner place with lots of windows and light and probably 5 minutes from our house.
Let's keep our fingers crossed for her to get this place.
Renting, for single mothers, on a very tight budget is difficult. The parts of town that she has found places leave a LOT to be desired.

I've certainly enjoyed having her and her daughter living with us. It's given me an opportunity to bond with my granddaughter and watch her developmental process. She's something else. She's walking all over now. Still walks like a drunken cave woman but the balance is coming.

I'm going to go take my power nap after I haul the groceries upstairs. Then it's off to the gym and meeting up with Mary and the apartment manager. I think working in the studio today is a pipe dream.

:)Bea No matter what it is you are doing, be creative while doing it.


  1. OH, Bea, I sure hope you didn't use city tap water and you did use the little salt packet that comes with the pot! Either of those can make it hurt pretty bad!

  2. Thanks for thinking of me Melissa. We now have filtered drinking water, in the house. The well water had a tad too much iron in it and left a weird after taste. I did use the little packets that came with the pot. The PA even gave me a recipe for making my own. wheee :)Bea

  3. Rest now my dear friend...sleep and dream of talking to the visitors who have taken up residency in your home...birds are angels in disguise to remind us to sit awhile and enjoy the view. Sometimes I think...and sometimes I just sit...I forgot who said this but it is the truth. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Finding nice, affordable apartments is getting more difficult, even in Vegas - it's either luxury or utter squalor with nothing in between. Hope you get it.

    Whenever I get the sniffles I take Coricidin - many times it nips it in the bud.

  5. Good luck to Mary and Riley...everyone needs a home of their own!
    I just added the movie to my netflix...thanks for the tip!
    Fell better soon :)

  6. I do hope Mary and Riley get that apartment - just round the corner it sounds ideal. I know you've loved having Riley but I always think once children have left, they should remain that way for everyones good.

    My cold seems to be mending better than yours. Thankfully. Keep taking the tablets!