Sunday, May 02, 2010

Party went fantastic!

The FIFTH ANNUAL KENTUCKY DERBY DAY party was a success. Muddy field and all Calvin and his horse won and Zeus walked away with the money pot, all of $20.00, which he turned over to Mary for Riley's college fund. lol We're going to have to up the ante if she depends on him winning every year.
The weather was wonderful, started out a little windy but calmed down. The jerk chicken smelled divine on the grill and everybody brought wonderful dishes to pass.
Riley decided to show off her walking skills for everybody. To her eyes this was a world of many grandparents who smiled and clapped at what ever she did. Oh to be 10 months old again.

The ping pong table was set up in the garage, as usual and we could hear wild sounds coming from those who were playing.

Clean up went quickly, Mary helped carry all the plastic dishes and silverware, upstairs and load them in the dishwasher. There were no left overs of anything and little got thrown away. It makes me feel good that our "footprint" was small considering there were over 30 people here.

I got to show off my studio which just made me smile BIGTIME.

All in all a good beginning to the summer season here at Dog In The Hole.

Today, another gorgeous day I think I will spend some time in the garden and the studio.
I can't tell you how much a blue sky, sun, warmer temperatures and SPRING flowers renew my spirit. I love winter but I think a lot of that love is the knowledge that Spring is coming.
My lilacs are blooming a week early. AND, big news, my cherry tree, in the garden has three blossoms on it, FINALLY. I may have cherries this year. It's taken it FIVE YEARS to bloom.

:)Bea Create and hear your soul sing with joy.


  1. Looks like fun. gosh, I haven't played ping pong in years. We play "washers" here and "horseshoes". Mostly outside games.

  2. Always fun to throw a party - glad you had a good time. It looked pretty muddy in Kentucky.

  3. Well what a great party you all had. I wish I could have been there. I'm glad your cherry has flowered at last. I love cherries.