Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Native American Full Moon Art Projects for MAY 2010

I meant to post more than just the link, to see Deborah's beautiful work. Unfortunately, I'm waaaaaaaaaaay behind this month. I thought I would get out to the studio to work on my Full Moon project but it just hasn't happened. If it cools off a little I may get out there tomorrow although I have plants that really have to get into the ground, like NOW. It always seems so hectic in May. Once my gardens are planted I can take a little breather and just enjoy them and maintain them, for the summer.

So, if you are behind, not to worry. I'll be happy to post May and June together. For some of you maybe even April, May and June. lol

But, do stop over and see Deborah's wonderful Full Moon project for May.

and Yvonne's:

:)Bea Still creating after all this time.

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  1. I have been and looked at those 2 and they are both lovely. 2 pieces of jewellery too. I hope you get yours sorted too.