Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My rather ordinary but special day.

It's been a long day. I had coffee with Zeus after dropping Murphy off at Puppy Day Care. He charged into the place, ahead of much larger dogs, with his usual, BIG DOG ATTITUDE for a little guy. When I pick him up at 4:00 he charges out of the place with the same attitude but falls asleep in the car.

I got my hair cut and listened to my bubbly 22 year old hairstylist tell me all about her upcoming trip to Vegas. I wish I could bottle her energy.
I stopped at the discount store and bought a bunch of annuals and veggies to plant in the garden.
I feel so tired.
Must keep moving, lots to do. Still bursts of coughing that tires me a tad.

I planted my kohlrabi, pepper plants, broccoli, dug out weeds, clipped dead wood off the climbing rose bushes.
I put water in the pond but I am so sad not to hear my frogs anymore. I don't know what happened to them. Was it the cold weather we had or did they get eaten by the snakes or the hawks?

I picked up Riley from day care and when she saw me she was so surprised and excited. Boy, it's such a special thing to have someone react like that to seeing you. She claps her hands, smiles a huge smile and toddles toward me. We came home and made scrambled eggs together. She sits in her high chair and I show her the eggs, she tries to taste the shells, but then holds them in her hand. Her eyes get huge when I crack them open and let the insides drop into the big red bowl.
She grabs hold of the bowl and peers into it, looking at the eggs. She pats the broken egg shells.
I would love to know what is going through her mind.
I hand her the wire whip. We've done this before so she knows to stick it into the bowl. It's too hard for her to actually do anything with it but she's got the idea.
I pull her high chair over towards the stove so she can watch me pour the scrambled eggs into the frying pan. She claps and says, "E, I, E, I, OOOOOOOOOOOOh" which seems to be her newest phrase.
I take the pan off the stove and lower it so she can see the eggs changing from wet and runny to a solid form. I don't remember any of my kids showing this kind of interest at 11 months but maybe back then I was too busy to take the time to do this kind of show and tell.
I push her high chair around the kitchen table, over to the counter where the toaster is. We get out the bread, she tries to eat the bread and I tell her we have to do magic. I put the bread in the toaster and we COUNT , well I count out loud, ONE, TWO, THREE and push down the toaster button. The toast disappears, she claps. Who knew I was so entertaining?
We eat our scrambled eggs and toast with Mandarin slices, on the side, her in her high chair and me sitting next to her. She bobs her head up and down with each chunk of scrambled egg she stuffs in her mouth. Being able to feed yourself is so satisfying.

Suddenly, I remember watching a nurse feed my mother-in-law, in the nursing home and I am overwhelmed with sadness.

I clean off Riley's hands and face, remove the tray and say, "UP?"
She reaches up with her arms, grabs onto my neck and giggles.
Her hair smells so good.
I'm enjoying my time with her. It really is different being a grandmother.

Soon, my middle son will call me and tell me that Caitlin has delivered their first child, a little boy.
He's due on the 27th.

Funny, when I was younger and dreamed about my life I never really got as far as the grandmother part. This next baby will make five grandchildren. Very strange.

This morning before I actually came to full awakening I thought I was in my forties, then as the dream state cleared I remember I was in my 60's.

I don't remember it moving so fast.

:)Bea Create because this moment is really all you have.


  1. Great post, Bea. How fortunate for you and Riley to have time together. Keep doing it. She'll remember it all her life.

  2. I felt a little twinge of guilt while reading your post. I find I'm too busy to do a lot of things with my kids right now and reading your post made me realize how little time I have left with them and how much I need to make more time to just hang out with them and talk. Thanks for the nudge.

  3. OOhh, a childs sense of wonder...we all need to take lessons from them. I don't see my 2 grandson's (age 2 and age 8) as often as we would like to, because of distance, but enjoy all the time we do have together.

  4. Thanks Linda. My older grandchildren have the "issues" of just being grade school kids. It's a real treat to have such unconditional love. :)Bea

  5. Moriah, I know exactly what you are talking about. When our children are little we are trying to make a life for them. We are working so hard that we forget to "hang". Sometimes it doesn't have to be a big deal just those special one on one moments. I remember finally saying that I would take ONE CHILD at a time to breakfest. Just the two of us. We would ride our bikes, or walk, or just go to the place of choice. We talked, were silly and just spent some time together. I even wrote a note for them when they were late for school. HAD BREAKFAST WITH HIS MOTHER. :)Bea

  6. Yvonne, that sense of wonder plays such a big part in my life right now. Didn't have that much time for it when the kids were growing up but now. I'm taking the time and loving it. :)Bea

  7. Oh this hits home....So correct about being too busy to hang out when you are trying hard to make a life...So hard to find a balance!! They grow up so fast!! Be thankful for every day we have and it truly doesn't take long to create the hang out times, we just need to relearn how to do this!! Or at least I do!! Cant wait to see your garden!! Have a great week!

  8. Well, we both know what a joy these small people are, don't we? If the baby is born on the 27th (today) that's Kitty's birthday! I loved the story of your breakfast together. You are a super gran!