Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The life and times of the hobby gardener.

I started out to mow the lawn while the sun was low. Something gave and the front tires wouldn't turn half way through the first 1/3 of the yard. I can't tell you how that TRIES my good intentions to be patient and calm throughout my day.
It's very much like the tree falling in the woods and is there a sound? When I get off my tractor and curse and swear and kick the air, is Bea really calm and patient all day long if there is nobody around to watch her act out her frustrations?

I am absolutely filthy. There is no way somebody who really gardens can avoid it. I have dirt in the crease in the inside of my elbow. lol Just like some kid that has been outside playing all day.

A friend and I were emailing about my case of Poison something. The fact that it still spread even though I was so careful not to touch anything. She mentioned that she remembered going to school covered in pink blotches from the Calamine lotion. I remember that too.
But, we got into things, we explored empty lots, back alleys, down by the drain run off. We climbed trees in the apple orchards. Some back yards weren't kept up to well and were great hiding places for late night Hide and Seek games.
Kids just don't seem to do that kind of stuff any more and it's a real shame. Comparing the number of pink blotches during math was fun. Meeting at recess to play under the lilac bushes was fun. Running home along the railroad tracks was fun. I mean it was really fun. And, nobody I knew got kidnapped, exposed to anything bad or killed by a train.

Yeah, we had to avoid known bullies and yes you had to get to the train underpass before the train came so you could scream your lungs out when it went overhead. Yeah, you had to pull caterpillars off of you when you got into a nest of them in an apple tree but that was all the rewards of being a kid. Crossing through or over some sort of imaginary courage line.

My grandkids don't really play outside. They run from house to house and inside to do things.
They might play in the street of their circle if there are grownups outside to make sure that there is no traffic coming in. But, they don't seem to want to explore.

We have a pond, a wild pond not a fancy landscaped one. Murphy and I go down and sit on the rocks and watch for tadpoles to show or a frog. Can't seem to get my grandkids to wander down there with me.
There is an old wood pile from when a couple of trees where cut down and the men threw the longer logs into a big pile. The plan was to cut them up for wood for the fireplace. It's been six years and that hasn't happened but it's got to be full of all sorts of wonderful wild life. I know that there are snakes in there and yes I don't like to be surprised by a snake but I like to watch them. I really want to pull some of those logs back, with a grandchild by my side and see what's in there.

Oh well, my potatoes are planted and another bale of hale was spread around that garden box.
No snakes, just damp rotting hay.

I'm really going to work on Riley as she gets older. This might be my outdoor girl. One can always hope.

:)Bea Planting flowers is one way to be creative!


  1. Bea please do not give up on the outdoors..a lightning bug jar...butterfly net...rock collections... leaf printing... Nature collages .... grass weavings and clover necklaces and fairy princess clover crowns. Sometimes we just sit and sit...being still waiting to see who or what will visit our hill. Breathing is difficult when I bend over but I used to love to do a little gardening.. with my girls and we would put fresh flowers on our old dining room table. Imagine and Live in Peace, mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. My 2 grandsons love it outside! But I do see children who do not get outside much, they look so pale and fragile. I want them to see things and have that sense of experience things and not be afraid to get hurt a little or to get dirty. I guess people are just over protective now a days.

  3. Oh btw, your flowers are gorgeous and I know what you mean about gardening and getting dirty. It is very hot and humid here and boy have I been getting dirty in the garden and yard.....but it sure makes me feel alive! :D It makes the air of theh ouse and the cool shower feel that much better! LOL

  4. I won't give up Mary Helen but it's like pulling teeth to get them interested in nature. My kids were always outside so it surprises me that their kids aren't. Too much computer and game playing inside, I think. :)Bea

  5. I do know what you mean Bea. Jack spent his first year inside I swear! Then Sam found out that he just loves the outdoors!! He can't get out there fast enough now. Wellington boots go on and off he goes. He plays wonderful games with stones and mud and various vehicles. I'm so glad. Last year he loved watering the flowers and I hope he still will. He can be a bit stroppy at times now but I love that he enjoys the outside as much as we used to (and still do).

    You still have riley to work on, as you say!

    I love the iris photos. Our garden is a mad place at the moment with nettles and bindweed taking over! The fairy hill has almost disappeared underneath the grass and weeds. AAAAH! A gardener's work is never done.

  6. wow, I've caught up!

  7. When I was a kid, we had no TV. I was outside on my bike or roller skates all the time. If video games had existed then, I would never go out either - they're very addictive.

    In fact, I refuse to play any video game today - I just know I'd never stop.

    We are exchanging the real world for a virtual one.