Sunday, May 16, 2010

The King and the Duke.

The Duke was a deaf mute and the King the best con artist around. If I could lay my hands on my copy of Huckleberry Finn I would plaster a good quote here, but alas, it seems to be mislaid.

By yesterday afternoon, the little scratchy throat I had on Tuesday and the sneezing I had on Thursday, had turned into a full blown head cold down to laryngitis. I worked in the yard, planting more bushes and plants, got ready to go out for dinner and a movie and found that my already strained voice which had gotten lower and lower,and what had started the day sounding like an old smoker's husky voice, had been reduced to seal sounds, kinda like errrrp and what Zeus said sounded like a "death rattle".

While driving to the restaurant Zeus seemed to forget that the "Duke" was sitting next to him and would ask me questions requiring multiple answers. I was reduced to sign language. Not official sign language but a more "adult content" variety. When you can't talk and your errrrrrp sounds aren't making sense, one does tend to get frustrated.

At dinner, I proceeded to hone my charade skills. Zeus has the attention span of a third grader when he is being silly. While he ordered for me and proceeded to order the soup, which I didn't want I had to make a throat slashing sign to get his attention. Using my charade skills I mimicked writing on a slate, which seemed to bring the response, "Speak up, I can't hear you."
I raised myself up off my chair long enough to cuff the top of his head.

Somewhere between the main course and half way through the wine both of us were reduced to laughter. I can't even remember what brought it on, perhaps a rather ingenious sign?

We had a wonderful meal in our favorite Mediterranean restaurant and then took in the new Ironman movie. Pure "boys" film, in my book. I have no idea who the dark hair actress was but she teetered around on her four inch heels like a little girl in her mother's shoes. Her hair, sometimes dark, sometimes red, sometimes straight and other times in perfect curls, all in the same time frame was amusing. Sometimes we see girl flicks and sometimes we spend two hours in little boy land. Marriage is all about compromise. Although, I had to say that Zeus just likes to see a movie in a movie theater sometimes.

I can't say I feel much better today. This to shall pass. I love, love, love my grandchildren but after every visit they seem to leave me with the Minnesota head cold.

Hope you all have a creative day.

:)Bea Who is finding more ways to be creative without speech.

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  1. I had to laugh at your sign language and could picture you both in that restaurant!! What fun. Glad you still got out anyway.