Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am falling..........................behind!

It's the nature of the season, I guess. Over winter I get a lot done because I have fewer things to focus my attention on. Once the nice weather gets here I see all the things that I wanted to do, have to do, really should get to, OUTSIDE. Then you throw in a few windy, cold days, add a little rainy cold days and projects that were started SIT waiting for you to come back to them.
I really meant to go out to the studio today. It was NUMBER UNO on my mental list. It's crappy, rainy, cold, damp weather and the studio seemed like the place to be.
My mistake was to wander into the bathroom that has a scale and decide to weight myself.

WHERE THE HECK DID those 11 pounds come from??????

I knew something something was going on, in the back of my little brain. Huffing and puffing when I was doing something that never made me huff and puff before. A favorite shirt a little snug and I had the audacity to actually blame the dryer on that one.
It's not like I've been chowing down on forbidden foods. I've been eating well, apparently too well.
One of my blogging buddies, George asked recently, in his blog, if anybody ever blogged because they felt a strong emotion. Well, George, this is my rant. I am furious with myself.

We (that's me and myself) had a talk, in the car, while at a traffic light. Next light I was Temporal Tapping a new message to myself. Third traffic light I revised the message. Fourth traffic light went through and pulled into the health club. I was determined to renew my membership.

The nice lady at the counter, smiled at me, ran my card and said, "Dear, you have until July 1st on your existing membership." WHAT? HOW?
"Didn't you have some surgeries done? Well, they tacked on the time you missed from your rehab to your membership."

I mean are the stars aligned or what? So, I walked for an hour, right then and there.
Then I went to the store and bought more fresh veggies, this time with the intent to actually EAT ALL OF THEM.

I am so tired of dealing with the issue. I'm moving 10x's faster than I have for ten years. I'm sure the extra weight is due to my building muscles do to all the activity............yeah, if you believe that come on over here, I've got this bridge for sale.............a real deal.

So, I'm writing down what I eat. Tracking always helped in the past. When I taught Weight Watchers I would tell people to write it down. It works. Yes, you have to write it ALL DOWN.

WHINE HERE: I hate writing it down.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get over to the studio. There is always hope. Today, I will drink my 2 quarts of water and write down every single thing I eat. sigh.............

:)Bea Who needs to be creative about this new project.


  1. Glad I was able to inspire you to a little rant.

    Sometimes its wickedly tough to keep those pounds that worked hard to get rid of, off.

    Good luck to the potential new you.

  2. We all have to rant once in awhile...my ranting was last week..I always hate when I lose to myself..logic will always win...Great post..

  3. Thanks Georgie, you know I read your blog and started to comment and thought, WAIT, I don't get mad. Little did I realize I DO! lol :)Bea

  4. Thanks Baroness, sometimes it is so frustrating! Especially when most of the time I feel great and think I'm headed in the right direction. :)Bea

  5. I'm with ya on this one - just joined the WW myself and I HATE writing everthing down...but it works

  6. I hear ya Bea, the weight has snuck up on me too. But I used to belong to WW and should have stuck with it. I know it's a hassle but "if you bite it, write it." I need to start riding my bike again too. The mornings are beautiful here, so no excuses for me. :)

  7. Good luck, girl! And if you get it figured out, share the secret with me! LOL!

  8. I so understand this constant battle...I have felt big boned all my life...that is what my relatives used to say right in front of me...I thought I was over weight until I checked some old photos of me...I was a tall skinny kid for my family! "If you bite it...write it!" I don't really do this but other people are always giving me advice on how to lose weight. I am just trying to be healthy and slowly regain some equilibrium. You are so loved ! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. I have nothing to add except that having pushed stress eating to its limit last weekend--I understood better than ever that it makes me feel worse after. It's better to go to the gym and if you can't be that practical--go to a movie.

  10. I can't believe I'm this far behind with your blog. Slow down will you? I know it's the season, the garden beckons and I can't resist! I need a couple of rainy day - I didn't think I'd be saying that in Ireland. Good luck with the weight loss. I have 1 stone to lose. Damn it.