Sunday, May 09, 2010


It's time for some THIS and THAT updates.

Found this really neat photography site on Flicker. You can join if you want to participate.
Take a moment to go look at some of that fantastic photography. This grouping is called ABSTRACT.

This hit my email box and although it isn't close to many of you it's a wonderful retreat. I wish I could go but I have a hard time wrapping my head around paying for these classes when I have the book, the studio and a brain to figure out what to do.
Online Registration by Cvent Workshops - CREATE with Cloth Paper Scissors Mi

There is a huge hotel in Rosemont so it's possible to stay there and go to the whole week's worth of events.

Beautiful sunny day here, FINALLY! The yard looks so green and beautiful. My plants survived the cold drop last night. YAYAYAY

I still won't go crazy with planting tender young things but I think we might be past the worst of Mother Nature's spring cleaning and getting rid of the last of winter.

I have to go make help Hayden with her Hayden's Famous.
I'll tell you the secret because it's so easy and so much fun for kids to make.
You buy those cans of crescent rolls that you break apart and then bake.
You take large marshmallows and a bowl of cinnamon sugar and another bowl of melted butter.
Do you see where this is going? lol
Dip the marshmallow in the melted butter, roll around in the cinnamon sugar and put it in the middle of the flat unbaked crescent roll. Roll it up and tuck and pinch the ends so it makes a little pouch and nothing will leak out. Then bake as you would for the rolls and serve.

Hayden makes variations, adds chopped pecans for PapaJohn, rolls the marshmallow in strawberry jam for GrammyBea, etc. She's become quite versatile. We tell her she should open a HAYDEN'S FAMOUS STAND in the SKYWAY in Minneapolis. People would snatch the warm goodies up, on their way to work.

Have a wonderful MOTHER'S DAY and remember Mother's should be remembered EVERY SINGLE DAY.



  1. Happy Mother's Day Bea,,,
    now I'm wanting Hayden goodies!

  2. Happy Mothers Day Bea!
    I'm passing Hayden's culinary delights on to our family :)

  3. I used to always set my tomato plants out on mother's day, but with the weather here today, if I had a garden I think I'd wait. It's way to cooooold!!!

  4. Happy Mother's Day! You totally rock and those goodies made my mouth water. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Visited the abstract site briefly (can't stay on Flickr for too long - it slows down my computer).

    Pretty, but I have a problem with abstract. Firstly, it's so easy. Secondly, even abstract has to have a subject.

    In the back of the Vdara hotel in Vegas, there are some at first seemingly abstract large B&W prints. They are called "Impact", "Elegance", "Luxury" etc. In the Luxury one I made out the tops of champagne glasses after staring for a while. Now that kind of abstract I can relate to - it's purely decorative, but still conveys the hotel's message.

    Just think how much fun it is to get an assignment called "Impact" - has to be abstract, but show me impact. Instead of pointing the camera aimlessly at anything that would make a pleasing pattern, suddenly you have to think: how do I illustrate impact? Now that's interesting.