Saturday, May 29, 2010


Oooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaah balloooooooooooooooooooooooon!
A picture from my early morning photo drive.

Sawyer had mastered jumping off the side of the pool into the deep end! Way to go Sawyer!

Papa John and Riley, her first time in the pool. She ended up LOVING IT.

Murphy making sure that the big balloon, in the air, just kept on moving. Nothing to see down here, keep it going.

Memorial Day Weekend, for me, is the start of the summer and this is the beginning of NINETEEN SUMMERS. Those of you around last year heard me discuss my light bulb moment when I heard the phrase, 20 Summers, from John's office partner, Peggy. It stuck with me.
Goddess willing if I get 20 more summers I want each and every one of them to count, BIG TIME. Summer is short here is Wisconsin.

So, with 19 Summers, in mind, we are kicking off this weekend with friends and family. The weather is cooperating which is really nice. The pool is clean and the water crystal clear and WARM! Always a big plus. Not Arizona pool warm but just right for swimming in.

Yesterday a couple we know from Volunteers in Mission trips came over with their two little grandsons. We played in the pool and cooked out. Everybody slept well last night.

Today, John and Justin were up early to play golf, the kids slept in and Murphy and I snuck out to go on a photo taking ride. Back home I finished cutting the rest of the lawn, the tractor now running like a champ, thank you Zeus.

Mary and Shari went to see the new Sex and the City movie and said it was great if you loved the show and the first movie and it was exactly what they expected. I was invited for girls night out but frankly I could hardly move I was so tired.

A phone check in today to James and Caitlin to see how they are all doing and the new baby.
I'm waiting for more pictures. Ahemmmmmm.....tap, tap, tap...........oh JAMES!

The bird song is unbelievable around here. They start in at 4:00am and I honestly don't remember hearing so many different calls and songs. It's beautiful. My photo ride this morning was quiet and very pleasant. Hardly any traffic on those back roads. I could stop by the side of the road, get out, drink my coffee and just take in the lush countryside. The first cutting of hay is drying in most fields and the corn is probably ankle high right now. That rain we had was so good for the fields.

This afternoon, Mary has invited over her friends that have small children to play with our grandchildren, in the pool. Lots more sounds of children playing. GOD, I love that sound. I told Justin he could tape it for me so I could play it all winter long. It just makes me smile.

Tomorrow afternoon old friends are coming over with all their adult children, spouses and children. Our kids all grew up together so we have known their adult children all their lives. Now, it's so nice to see them having fun, in the pool with their children. The grandparents shall reside in the deep end, on their comfy floats, enjoying the ruckus.

I am very happy. :)Bea You know what to do, CREATE!

P.S. My header is what we saw go over the house last night. Sawyer was next to me on the couch when he suddenly looked up over my shoulder, out the window and shouted, in my ear, A BALLOON! We of course, all had to run outside, like little kids to watch it. It was very, very low and you could hear the whoosh of the hot air going up into the balloon.
Murphy was impressed with it but thought it was his job to make sure it get moving.
We used to see them all the time until a local company closed it's doors. Now, it's just a real treat that I never get tired of seeing.


  1. Here's to you and 19 more fabulous summers. Cheers!

  2. Always to go up in a hot air balloon. I will one day! :D
    When you start counting down, it makes you realize just how short life is. Here's to great summers, however many we all have!

  3. Thanks Kris, I sure hope I have 19 more. But, if not EVERYBODY will know that I loved every one that I had. :)Bea

  4. Here, here, Yvonne, let's drink to that one! :)Bea

  5. I spent the day in the air--but had my memorial week already. Love all your pictures--bringing my suit home hoping the pool is open and the weather is good. Beautiful shot of the balloon!

  6. Oh I missed the balloon shot. What a wonderful time you are having with all the children in the pool and mums and dads and grandparents. It sounds blissful. We used to see a lot of balloons in Derbyshire, but haven't seen any here in Ireland.

    Here's to 19 more summers for us all. xxx