Saturday, May 08, 2010

And, tomorrow a good Mother's Day to you.

COLD, COLD, DAMP, RAINY, DID I SAY COLD? What's up with this weather? I just covered up my tomato plants, poor little dears. My bad, as the kids say, to have planted them this early.
In my old age wisdom I KNOW better. sigh.............
Justin dug planting holes for me today. It was trying to rain, we ignored it and planted seven little White Pine trees, one dwarf Honeycrisp Apple tree and my Redbud tree that never got planted on Arbor day. Then we trudged out to the "orchard" and dug out four dead trees. I have no idea why five others planted at the same time, in the same area are doing well and these four bit the dust. It's a mystery to me.
We had pancakes for breakfast which is always a big hit, tacos for lunch, again another favorite and for dinner we all drove over to Middleton to our favorite little local pizza place, filled up the tables in the front window and managed to eat three 14" pizzas, and three desserts between the eight of us and one baby.
We've built forts with the giant cardboard building blocks and quilts. We've played Crazy Eights where the winner gets to wear a clean pair of PapaJohn's underwear on his or her head. That's a long standing tradition in our household. Strange but always reduces an almost five year old and almost 8 year old to giggles.
I had one 20 minute power nap this afternoon.
As soon as I report in I'm going to bed, I'm exhausted.
Tomorrow morning I will help Hayden make her Hayden's Famous breakfast rolls. Bowling has been suggested, we'll see. Right now Grammy can hardly bend from all the tree planting.
I hope all mothers have a wonderful day tomorrow whether you are the mother of two legged beings or caregivers for the four legged ones.

:)Bea Who is positive somewhere in today she did something creative.


  1. Wow, sounds like you had a wickedly busy day.

    Happy Mother's Day Bea.

  2. wow Bea, what a marvellous time you are having. Your Grandchildren must love coming to see you. I love that game - I want to play! I can imagine the children in fits of giggles - Jack would love it.

    The pizza meal sounds fabulous. It's a mystery about plants - why some die and others thrive. The same has happened to us. We have lost quite a few this winter with the hard frosts. It's so rare here that you forget some of the things are a bit tender. All the dahlias (I know,we should did them up) have died.

    Make sure you get enough sleep and Happy Mothers Day.

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you!

    Hoping for warmer weather where you are. I can't believe how cold it's been in the North (where most of my friends and family are)!
    Get some rest today, you must be exhausted!! :)