Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wind, wild wind.

My middle son's new puppy Hudson. OK, he isn't that new and I did promise to post a picture and forgot to do so. Our old family home was on Hudson Ave. We lived there for 30 years.
I wonder where they got his name?
I don't care for wind. I probably wouldn't fare well in an area that had wind on a regular basis.

It's been blowing all day. Not a nice gentle breeze but WIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNDD and I don't like the sound. Although, the wind chime,we bought in New Mexico, that is made from an old diving tank, sounds like the buoys in Maine.

The hanging baskets are swaying and the birds sitting on those nests must be seasick by now. I peeked in one nest and so little tiny furry bodies. The other nest just had three tiny little brown speckled eggs.

Mrs. Robin, after creating a creative masterpiece of nest building sat for a day and then left.

She hasn't been back. I peeked and no eggs. Maybe she was just getting the feel of the nest.

I swear, Zeus and I watched her for a week TRY to build that nest. She refused to use mud and thought she could just drape long dry, dead, grasses over the lamp. I'm going to take a picture of the mess and the nest so you can see her masterpiece.

I thought I was going to be working outside today but between the wind and breaking the lawn tractor. It was not my intention to break it, the battery died and I managed to do something to the cutting platform so it was scalping the lawn. Zeus wasn't very happy with me.

So, I left it sitting at the top of the hill, out front.

I trudged down to the basement to move piles and mounds of storage stuff so the guy installing the drinking water pipes, etc. can actually get to said pipes. He's coming back tomorrow for round two. He needed to get to the area under the basement steps. It's quite a big area and if I had little boys around they would have turned it into a clubhouse. Instead I managed to turn it into a hiding spot for things I will probably never use again. And, in sympathy, more things migrated back there to the land of unused items.

I pulled out a LOT, packed it into the car and Murphy and I took it to St. Vincent's. I haven't used it in nine years, most likely I'm not going to need it now.

I've done laundry, shopped for some of the supplies for the party. Even though the guests are supposed to bring a dish to pass, it's been a little iffy, in the past so I picked up my chicken parts to make Jerk Chicken on the grill, baked beans, brownies and some chips. I figure I have the basics down and what ever they bring ( I hope not six different kinds of deli potato salad, like last year) we can fill in.

I haven't been near the studio. Now, I'm just too tired to trot over there. I'll have to fold Zeus' socks and underwear in a creative pattern before I put them away for him. It will be my creative statement for the day.

:)Bea Who may have to live through YOUR creativity.


  1. I am a sucker for puppies, baby birds, jerk chicken and creatively folded undergarments, for that matter! Have a good rest of the day!

  2. I like that they named him Hudson.

    Love the flowers and the story about the dog memorial trees. That's a wonderful way to remember them. Hope you get decent weather for the party.

    I caught a glimpse of the full moon. It isn't as visible from the inside of this house as the WI house. Just loving that the green thicket is surrounding me and the door is open tonight.

  3. Oh your new grand child/puppy is so cute. We have a Hudson Avenue here in Newark and it is a historic neighborhood that I love. You have been very busy but get back to the takes years off our real age...LOL! Have a great weekend. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. That's one cute puppy.

    Vegas is very windy. Yesterday we had the worst wind in decades. I hate it.