Thursday, April 15, 2010


Tomorrow is picture day for the completion of Down The Rabbit Hole Follow me Blind Challenge, with Bea. I'll be posting links to blog where you can see what participants ended up doing with their project.
I told you I got carried away with this one. I really had a ball "tweaking" it each time I started another one. This one is painted medium weight regular interfacing. It's stamped and machine stitched.
After cutting the pieces I cut shapes into the fabric.
I laid down a piece of thin orange felt on top of my yellow backing felt, laid my cut pieces on top of the orange and then sewed them all down. This gave me orange backing as a contrast behind the open holes and added a little more weight to the piece. Remember these are the cheapie pieces of felt from Michael's or the dime store. I machine stitches around the openings and added decorative stitches to the sewn pieces.
You'll notice that I didn't actually sew my cut pieces back to each other but rather sewed them to the yellow felt. I cut around the entire shape leaving 1/4" for sewing the backing and turning.
I added more hand stitching, beading, decorative threads, glass beads and then lined the entire piece with the purple felt. I left a turning opening at the bottom of the vessel and hand stitched that closed.
I slid an old little pint size glass milk bottle into the vessel to hold items. I like the weight of the glass and heck I've got a collection of them just sitting around. Might as well use them.

I used the same technique on this vessel. After cutting my pieces I laid them out in an odd shape on TOP of yellow felt. Then I machine stitched them to the felt, trimmed around the total shape and added my beads, threads, etc. I lined it with orange felt, trimmed and turned it. Again, a small pint size glass milk bottle fits inside perfectly. How to get those bottoms to sit flat? It isn't always pretty. I tucked, folded, hand stitched and pounded it. The last is not recommended when small children are watching.
I'll post my last one tomorrow. That ended up being an entirely different shape.

So, if you have finished your 5th Clue be sure to send me a link to your blog so I can post it and we can all troop over and oooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaah over your 3-D Vessel.

:)Bea Creating makes me happy.


  1. These are both spectacularly funky! Good eye candy...yum yum.

  2. I agree, incredibly funky craftwork.

  3. They are beautiful! Here is the link to mine, though I cheated a bit, I am afraid!

  4. Oh Bea, you put us to shame. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. bea, your vessel is gorgeous!!! xo

  6. Thanks everybody. That's what comes from NOT being able to stop. One more, I would say, let's try this............ lol :)Bea