Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time for some studio time.

I gave blood yesterday, got my little sticker telling people to be nice to me because I gave blood.
Unfortunately, I didn't see anybody yesterday except the staff at the blood bank. Maybe I'll wear it for the rest of the week. I might get a free cup of coffee out of it!
Honestly, if you haven't donated blood it's a really painless way to do something good. I know a lot of my fellow blog readers are unable to donate for one reason or another but those of you that can, think about it.
It took me an hour tops and that included my 15 minutes, after donation time, drinking of juice, eating of crackers and passing the time with an elderly volunteer. As far as I am concerned, after four times in the hospital for foot surgeries and knee surgeries EVERY person that has to draw blood, in a hospital, should spend required time working at a blood bank. Those people are experts, in finding veins and making the whole process as painless as possible.

Our house guest is gone. As usual, I fussed about having a clean house when I am sure the only thing he was noticing was the house, Riley and swapping stories with Zeus. I covered the basics, his guest room and bathroom and gave the kitchen and the rest of the rooms a "lick and promise" that I would be back to do a better job. We'll see, maybe in fall.

I'm off to the studio today. Zeus is playing golf, taking his law school students to dinner at a local Italian place so if he plays all day, you KNOW, I'm going to play all day.

:)Bea Who hopes that you MAKE time to create, today!

P.S. Quilt or Dye has posted a picture of her finished DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE WITH BEA FOLLOW ME BLIND challenge piece. Check it out!


  1. I finally finished my Down the Rabbit Hole pieces. Here is the link:

  2. Kewlness about donating. Wish I could do that but the joy of being a diabetic is simply something I don't want to pass on to anyone.

  3. Aw, G, don't feel too bad. Next time I'll donate double just for you. Seriously, they asked me if I would donate double red blood cells. Hey, I'm game. :)Bea