Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring To Do List- Another DTRH Challenge with Bea

In two more weeks the Down The Rabbit Hole Challenge with Bea will be over. I would like to get you thinking about another challenge..............Expressionism Abstract Art Quilts.

Ok, stop backing away. So, you never made an art quilt. You aren't sure what exactly Abstract is, let alone Expressionism. This sounds like art school and you don't want to go back to school.

Well, now, think about it. Didn't I lead you gently, by the hair, um HAND, down the rabbit hole challenge? Didn't we have fun? It wasn't painful was it? You got to be creative and nothing jumped out and bit you, did it?

So, trust me again and let's make some SMALL little art quilts that you can hang on your wall, give as gifts, sell for big bucks at the county fair or just keep around in a notebook so you know what you are doing the next time you want to do it.

Liz Berg wrote a wonderful article for Quilting Arts Magazine a number of years ago. I don't plan on re-inventing the wheel. We'll follow her article and directions and LEARN what the Abstract Art Quilt is all about.

I'm exploring this with you. It's a subject that I've always been interested in. I've wanted to make an abstract art quilt, heck I thought I was going to make one with The Blue Chair Challenge but that didn't come about. So, now I would like to explore the principles when applied to fiber.

I'll pass on the information to you and then the DIRECTIONS. Those of you that "play" along will be using the elements and principles of design that we go over to form a good composition using line, shape, value, color, movement, size and pattern. AND, how to apply this is going to come from inside YOUR head.

After have presented the information we will all work on our 12" square piece. Then we'll take a picture of it and post it, as we have before, on Friday's for all to see. I'll post the links as usual on my blog for everyone to pop around and visit each other.

You shouldn't have to go out and buy anything! I KNOW you have a stash. If you have a sewing machine that has a basic straight stitch you're in luck. If it has decorative stitches, even better BUT you can hand sew this project.

We aren't going for finished ready for judging art quilts. We are learning a process, taking a journey together, learning WHY things work and don't work and at the end, just like this past challenge you WILL have something rather neat to display that you can say with PRIDE is an

I also hope that when you have finished Part I that you continue with me on to Part II where we will continue to explore the world of Abstract Art Quilts. Honestly, did you really think it end with just Part I?

If you are feeling adventurous you can use fabric paper or paint your own fabric or work with what you have in your stash.

We're still falling DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE and I've still got your hand so let's see what this "abstract" stuff is really all about.

:)Bea Creating is the journey


  1. I'll play. I am enjoying this learning process!

  2. Oh me me me too, I'm loving this, having got over my fears! Count me in teacher.

  3. This sounds great Bea, I just dug out the QA issue with the 'Art of Abstraction' article. I love Liz Berg's work!

  4. Well, you three get to sit in the front row! lol How wonderful. I am so excited to see that there are other artists out there willing to just PLAY and create and learn new things together. YAYAYAYAY:)Bea

  5. Oh Bea, I'm sorry I couldn't play as I hoped to. I've been enjoying checking on your progress though. I just love your creative spirit.

  6. I used to quilt. What fun you will have. Sorry I don't have time to join in. Looking forward to the finished items. Oh - and I agree - there is nothing quite like the first daffodils of the season. So perky in their skirts and trumpets.

  7. I'll play, too! I've been having great fun with the rabbit hole challenge. Just got back in town and am catching up.

  8. Excellent Deborah. I think when we are done we will feel more comfortable about doing abstract work. :)Bea

  9. Got back from my busy Easter weekend, and catching up on posts. When I came across this one, I was like...."All right Bea, how wonderful if this! WhooHoo! " , And of course I'm in! :) I wouldn't miss it!

  10. I am already involved in a challenge so I am somewhat leery to absolutely commit but your art quilt challenge is leading me in the direction I want to go so I will start. We will see after that where I end.

    Oh, and here is my link to Down the Rabbit Hole with Bea Clue #3

    Did I send it already??

  11. Hmm my comment didn't show up. I would love to join in.

  12. I can't wait to get started. I have been looking for motivation and glad I stumbled across your website.