Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SPRING, GOTTA LOVE SPRING!- Reminder about Full PINK Moon objects.

Busy day here at Dog In The Hole. I'm cleaning my house, getting ready for a house guest of only one night but I figure if I get it done now then I'm good for a couple of weeks, at least.
I finally am cleared to give blood again. Apparently, they are down to just one week's supply of O+ and they need more. Works for me. Zeus took me to breakfast to fatten me up for the blood draining.
It's going to be a gorgeous day today, up near 70 degrees, sunny and lots of birds busy building nests. They seem a little early to be doing that. I hope that means the cold weather is all done with us.

Don't forget about the APRIL FULL PINK MOON art doll, fiber or mixed media item. Posting of pictures of that will be next Monday.

Posting of links to pictures of what people have done so far with their abstract art project will be on Friday, so send me your links so I can post them on the blog.

April is sure going fast, isn't it? I am sooooooooooo loving SPRING. I watch the trees around me start to bud out and then gentle beautiful spring green leaves start to take shape. The fruit trees are starting to flower. My Plum tree is in full blossom. The crab apple trees have dark rose colored buds just about to pop open and it looks like the lilac will be blooming for Mother's Day weekend! Right on time.

I hope you have a wonderful day creating! :)Bea


  1. Glad to hear spring has arrived up there. We have gotten so much rain this month that we are far ahead for the year. Very unlike last year.
    Can't believe it's time for the full moon project already. April HAS flown by! I'm not sure which one I will do, the full pink, full sprouting grass, full egg or full fish moon doll. Hummmmm! Will have to think on that one.

  2. My mother said Florida has gotten a lot of rain, too. :)Bea

  3. AARrrGG! I think I commented on the wrong post, not sure.

    I LOVE the pottery header!

  4. Fabulous header Bea. Spring is just wonderful, the air smells so fresh. But where are the April showers? We need some rain, can you believe. I'm going to pass on the abstract art Bea. I don't come in until about 9.30pm and it's too late then to do anything much. Summer's my gardening time!

  5. May God bless and keeps us safe and strong with the pull of the moons guiding our way. The pink moon is almost here...Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart