Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rethinking something.

A number of years ago, on a trip, out to the East coast I decided to do some interactive art with everybody that I came into contact with, on the trip. I had a bag of bits and pieces of images, words, junk mail, etc. and a bag of glue sticks.
When the cab driver picked me up at 4:30am I told him about my experiment of interactive art and asked him if he wanted to play. Of course he did. And, he told me all about his love for photography. I asked the ticket counter ladies if they wanted to participate and of course they did. Then they found out that the two of them had attended the same art school in Chicago but in different years.
I had the flight attendants add material, the lady selling coffee in the airport, even a security person in the airport.
I handed people the bag, let them choose what they wanted to glue on the canvas board and off they went. Despite the amount of time spent choosing what to glue on almost everybody spent time deciding where they wanted their item to go. The Latino lady who sold me my coffee giggled as she added the cows to the upper left. Some did a little creating of images before they were happy.
And, when I arrived at my destination I add the words, IS IT ART?

I consider myself an Outsider Artist. No formal training. Just winging it and loving it.
So, I consider this art. Not the BIG A that belongs in a museum, although............why not?
This was creating by people having fun, working together, willing to be part of something they had no idea what the final out come would be.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because I have been rethinking something that I said to Kris, in her comment section, on her blog. I suggested that she put my graffiti papers up high, on her wall, so nobody would draw or write on it. sigh....................

What was I thinking?

KRIS? Can you hear me? When you get around to creating that entire wall, in your studio, to graffiti, would you please put my page down around eye level. If people feel they need to draw or write on it then good. After all it's GRAFFITI for goodness sake. Honestly, what was I thinking?!?!

:)Bea Who is happiest when she is creating.


  1. Marvellous idea. Wonderful resulting ART! It brings the world together this way x

  2. What a fantastic idea Bea! You do some daring things and I love the result - which, of course, is art. xxx

  3. I just so love this idea. In fact, I'm taking it to one of my guildy girls meetings. I have the perfect bee group that would also love love love this type of interaction. Thank you Bea! You must have a wonderously wild thinking cap!

  4. Very interesting and fun.

    What's art is an age old question - no need to define it, as long as it pleases you.

    Now look at most people's homes - ordinary. With a bit of colorful paint, some colorful lamp shades and light bulbs, you can transform it into something fantastic and magical. Start with turning your life into art - maybe it's the art of living nicely on a budget.