Friday, April 16, 2010


Yesterday, I hosted my Art Quilt group, in the new studio space. We had a ball. They were doing the challenge off line and brought their finished 3-D vessels for show and tell.

We had quite a discussion going about reading waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much into the Clues. Thinking too much about what was going to happen next. Not taking a risk and pushing the clue.

I think everybody agreed that it was an experience and although one person stopped at the point where she was supposed to cut into her fabric.

The more we talked and passed around the completed vessels the more I could see the "what if" moment for people. I know that at least two people left the meeting saying that they wanted to make another one and try something different. I couldn't be happier with the end results. :)

Here are the links from the participants that are on line with blogs. Please go and check out these amazing end results.

I've thoroughly enjoyed hosting this challenge. I want to thank all of you that took the time out of your creative day to PLAY. Thanks for the feedback about how much fun you had. I appreciate hearing that.


There are Four Different Down The Rabbit Hole Challenges, in the line up. I hope you find something that you would like to participate in. Please tell your friends. The more we have the more fun it is to see what people are creating.

ON GOING: NATIVE AMERICAN FULL MOON ART DOLLS AND ITEMS - a once a month sharing of our interpretation of the Native American name for the full moon, for that month.

Some people are creating art dolls, some another form of mixed media or fiber.

STARTING APRIL 19th - FOLLOW ME INTO ABSTRACT ART - a gentle beginner's look at how we can create some abstract art and learn a little bit more than we already know, about it.

Trust me, this is another PLAY exercise, for five weeks.

STARTING MAY 1st - SATURDAY THROUGH THE LENS - a chance for people to post ONE photo, on their blog, from a picture that they took that Saturday. The more people we have from all over the world, the more interesting this might turn out to be, so spread the word.

STARTING APRIL 19th- HANGING OUT THE LAUNDRY - a four month mixed media project. Picking a woman's story, a historical figure or personal figure and creating things to hang on a 3foot clothes line with clothes pins. Here's a chance to do some different kinds of mixed media items to hang up. Always wanted to get that photo transfer on fabric? How about doing something with print and fabric..............there is ever so much you can play with.

If you are interesting stayed tuned. I run a loose ship but send out lots of encouragement. I believe in the sharing of information, techniques and pictures. Oh, I do love those pictures.

Join in with us and have some fun.

:)Bea Who wishes everybody could create every single day.


  1. I have just posted mine Bea. It will make you LAUGH!!! Here's the link:

    I love all your challenges and will have a go of course, although when you've seen my blog today you may not want me to!! lol.

  2. Very cool projects, Bea!! Creative is good!!!

  3. Loved seeing the quilt club in your studio--the color is magnificent. what interesting pieced came out of the vase challenge--loved the poem inspired by the last woman's second attempt.

    Yes, you are a good teacher. I can attest to that--and in many things.


  4. Thanks guys, this turned out more fun than I ever imagined. I'm going to do another one this fall.