Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Next step in our Abstract adventure.

So far we have divided our piece into thirds and given 1/3rd to one color and 2/3 to another.
Unfortunately, the picture I took of this piece after I painted in the area that had been blocked by painter's tape, didn't turn out. So, IMAGINE that white line isn't there and it's green instead.

Our next step is to use rectangles and squares in our third color and looking at that top picture, see that blue line on your project and place your squares and rectangles down that blue line and below the horizon line and then across the horizon line. Hopefully, you have some shades, tints or tones of that color that you can use to mix up in your squares and rectangles. It's going to be more interesting if you can do that instead of all one hue.

Now, remember, in the first photo, up there, those blue lines (painter's tape) are just to show you the location of where you should be placing these squares and rectangles.
What you are going to have to decide in how much of an overlap are you going to use, which direction you are going to point some of those rectangles, which shades, tints or tones will be on top or the bottom and how large you are going to make these shapes.

I suggest that you make some paper patterns of different sizes and place them on your piece to get a visual idea of the size you want to use.

If you have photos of what you have done, so far, posted on your blog, be sure to send me the link at so I can post them on Friday for folks to go see.

Tomorrow, I'll post the final touch to our first abstract art piece. So, stayed tuned!

:)Bea Create, create and then go create some more.


  1. I love this journey. I'm tuned in for more.

  2. I shall enjoy watching!

  3. We have picked the same colors! Mine is fabric.

  4. While I was waiting for this step I was looking at my piece and decided it needed some more paint and a little texture. So, I will be posting that photo along with this step. Hopefully today.