Monday, April 19, 2010

Let's get started on our abstract piece.

Yesterday, I suggested that you look at your stash. That's if you are going to be working with fiber. If you have decided to start out with paints, great, gather what you need. But, what if you have a lot of buttons? What if you wanted to try the exercise with colored buttons. Well, then GO FOR IT.

Those of you that did the last challenge, Follow Me Blind and made a 3-D vessel, did you find yourself thinking about what you would do differently the next time? That maybe right in the middle of doing something you got an idea?

That's what we are going for here. Working with some guidelines but letting your creative urges free rein.

Today, here is what I am going to do and you can follow along.

I'm taking an piece of muslin, pressing it into folded thirds. That's going to give me a guide line for which third of the piece I am going to use for my horizon line.

I'm going to decide which of my three colors of my SPLIT COMPLEMENTARY COLOR GROUP combination I want to use for the top 2/3s and which one for the bottom, 1/3 and which one will be my accent color.
Need some help remembering what Split Complementary colors are?

You can do this with fabric or paper, just fold your paper gently to get the proportions.

You can decide the placement of colors with your paints or if you are using paper, like a collage, same thing applies.
Now, you've decided what color you want on the upper portion. Sew, paint or glue it down.
Make sure you have a nice straight line on the bottom half and then pick your second color and put it on the bottom half of your substrate. Easy peasey!
So, now you are looking at it. Well, that wasn't hard, was it? But, the wheels are turning, right?
The WHAT IF is popping into your mind. Ok, let's go with it.
WHAT IF, I painted the upper and lower portions as if they were backgrounds. And, added pits of tissue or modeling clay and painted over them?
WHAT IF, instead of using just one solid piece of fabric I looked at my stash and looked to see if I have any pieces that fall into the same tones, tints and shades, as the hue.
The pure color is the HUE.
Add black and it's the SHADE.
Add white and it's the TINT
Add gray and it's the TONE
WHAT IF, I cut them in random size pieces and sewed them down. What if I made little oblong shaped blocks and sewed them together to make a solid piece?
PLAY Right now all you have to do is decide which two colors from the SPLIT COMPLEMENTARY COLOR GROUP you are going to use on that substrate. One color is going to take up 2/3s of the piece and one color 1/3rd of the piece. HOW you fill that area is up to you. Just stay in the color. And, for now, try to keep a crisp straight line between the two colors.

:)Bea Have fun creating!


  1. OK, I'm trying this challenge with paint. I love split com colors. But I thought I was getting triad colors yesterday.

  2. You can use triad or split com. I did all of mine in split com so I thought it might be easier to compare notes. Basically, it's using THREE colors and working from that. It's nice to know somebody was reading yesterday's post, though. lol :)Bea

  3. Looking at the ol' wheel I picked triads, but as I was looking at the splits which complimented my main color...I noticed that those two additional colors would also add additional elements of interest...hmmmmmmmmmmmm what if? We'll just wait and see how it goes!

  4. Thank you for the idea of mounting onto felt...the vessel does need a support and I had thought of using a felted black but it was too think...made the fabric unable to move or flow. I have been in bed most of today so hopefully the second half of my day will flow for me. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Oooh Dotti, I love the WHAT IF happening already! lol :)Bea

  6. Mary Helen, glad it gave you some more ideas. I used cheapie thin felt squares from the dime store. :)Bea

  7. Ye Gods, I'm confused already. OK, I'll have a go tomorrow, it's too late now!

  8. I guess I could google the color wheel your're talking about...I understand complimentary colors, but when you are saying triad and splits...I'm confused.

    I'll try tomorrow though, I really want to try this.

    AND, you won't believe it, but I think I have a full moon "doll" for April.
    Mucho Love-0