Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Did you see the FULL MOON?

Well, I'm pooped. It's going on 2:00 in the afternoon and I've put in a full day already. I woke up at 5:00am and couldn't go back to sleep so I sat in the hot tub and soaked my ackey bones. Then I got dressed, made coffee, went out to the studio and started quilting the new baby quilt, came back over to the house to make breakfast at 7:30 for Zeus, number one and only daughter and Riley. Riley, now eating people food loves scrambled eggs and sausage. Her mother muttered something about her not being able to eat eggs until she is .................I don't know I stopped listening to the muttering. All my kids ate cooked eggs by the time they were 8 months old. They all survived and as far as I know they are all healthy as young beasties.

When I've been up since before dawn my tolerance for "child rearing advise", from my first time mother, is low. My kitchen, my cooking, my rules, Grandma said.

I took Murphy out with me to run errands. That meant a stop at Micky D's for my free senior coffee and a doggie treat for him. Then to the Library where I couldn't park in the FOR SENIORS parking spots because I'm not 65. Then to the food market where it was SENIOR DAY and I got my groceries and a SENIOR DISCOUNT because I am 61.

It's very confusing getting old, then you add in this senior discount stuff. Culver's, the restaurant has a senior discount but you have to be 65. I started getting my Senior Citizen magazine when I turned 55.

Anyway, we drove over to the garden center where Tuesday's is Senior Day but you have to be 62 to qualify for that one. I bought a Redbud tree to plant, for Arbor Day on Friday.

I cut the grass which takes me two hours to do. Lots of good thinking time out on the lawn tractor. Two years ago, for Mother's Day, Zeus bought me a plush, comfy big yellow new seat for the tractor. It's good to know that he cares so much about my bum.

It's going to rain tomorrow and maybe Friday and possibly Saturday which puts a damper on the Kentucky Derby party. I would much rather have it outside. The weather people are hedging their bets on Saturday. They show clouds with their big happy sun peeking out behind the clouds and oversized rain droplets coming down, from one end of the cloud.

The Crabapple trees that we planned for each dog, when they died, are in full bloom and oh what a wonderful scent when you walk near them. I take that back, Sophie's tree, Hannah's tree and Sam's trees are all in full bloom. Poor old Duffy's tree seems to have gone back to the volunteer graft and is just in leaf and not bloom. We may have to plant another flowering tree for the old boy.

:)Bea Who hope you are doing something creative today.


  1. Sounds like one of those days. LOL

  2. Oh so beautiful trees and blooms that say a prayer for a lost pal. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    HAPPY Derby Day! I am an old Kentucky girl.

  3. Ok..just reading about your day made me tired!

  4. Thanks ladies! Zeus is the old Kentucky boy. He was born there and lived there until he was probably three then moved to Kankakee, Ill. His mother used to tell me I could clean off my front porch on May 1st. Apparently, everybody in Kentucky cleaned their front porches on Derby Day. lol She could never quite get it that WI was still a little cold on May 1st.

  5. It's not your weather you should be concerned about, it's the weather in Kentucky.

    You'll probably have a great party either way.