Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catching up.

Let's see, busy weekend here. I've been working in the garden, turning over soil, adding compost, planting my pea pods and spinach. Today, I'm dividing my day Lilies. They are just too crowded along the fence and a lot of brush weeds have taken up home there too. So, since we had such nice rain the other day, the ground is soft and I'm digging away. Of course, this leaves me barely able to crawl out of my comfy chair at night.

Monday, the LAST CLUE for the Down The Rabbit Hole with Bea Challenge. I know I said this in the beginning but I want to mention it again. This is not my original idea. This challenge came from an old copy of Quilting Arts Magazine and it was an article by Leilani Pierson that we are following. She called it her "Follow me Blind 5-Day Challenge". There was no way I was going to get something done in five days so we've increased it to a five week challenge. Picture day for Clue Number 5 will be on Friday the 16th. I think everybody is going to be very surprised at the end result. I know I was. So, stay tuned!

The picture above is of my mother's dress when she was a baby. I unearthed it in a box of fabric. It's perfect for the clothesline challenge I mentioned about a month ago. I have to go back and read what I posted about it. I remember that a few people were interested in working on that project. I think that will be an all summer project.

Remember the Abstract Challenge, starts on Monday, April 19th. We are going to be working together on this, learning some of the "rules" for putting together an abstract piece of work.
You can do it in fiber or paper/canvas. Again, it's a loss stress, fun way to learn something new, see what some of your artist buddies are doing with it and post your own pictures of your work.
Again, I'm working from a magazine article and learning along with you guys.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood so I'm going to get back outside and do some more gardening.

:)Bea Who hopes everybody is creating something, today.


  1. Oh how busy your is fun to get out and get busy when the weather is so nice....

  2. Hi Bea :)
    I've been busy in the yard's a very rewarding task, isn't it?
    I think the abstract challenge is more suited for me than quilting...I've had an interest in learning more about it.

    I love the Portal One piece...I assume this is the beginning of a series? I love doors and windows in art, as you probably know.

    Love to you

  3. I find playing in the soil very relaxing and connective. I lose track of time and find my thoughts still themselves.
    I've been working on a second Portal piece, it seems to want to be a series, we'll see. :)Bea

  4. I did work on my DTRH piece today...I stitched...I stamped...I layered with batting...and I think the next step is to embellish with my hand stitching ...and then I cut it up..into how many pieces? and then reassemble into a different configuration. I wish I could help you with the lilies...the deer have already started to nibble on my delicate sprouts.
    I love your Mother's gown...I have begun to add a clothesline to my exhibit ...I will share more soon. Get some rest and take some is an anti-inflamatory medication. Sorry I cannot spell at all tonight. My brain is swollen. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. What a lovely little dress! Enjoy your gardening! I am looking forward to getting abstract with you!

  6. bea, this dress is breath-takingly beautiful... xo

  7. What incredibly beautiful blog you have! My compliments!

    A footprint from Agneta & Sweden

  8. oh! this dress is so delicate and lovely!

  9. What a gorgeous dress, so flimsy and delicate. I'm intrigued by the new challenge.