Monday, April 26, 2010


This is the fiber piece that is going to be wrapped around a large canvas 26" x 32", I think it is.
The strips are just pinned because I'm just not sure I like the color. I'm actually leaning toward a lighter shade of the blue violet or maybe that darker golden yellow. I have to play some more with this one and I'll be doing some quilting on it before I tack it down to the canvas frame.
Ok, this originally started out as a piece of muslin that I was using to clean my brushes with. I am using several pieces of cut muslin to do this so I will have some paint on them when I turn them into prayer flags. I picked the muslin off the floor where it had dropped, over night, I swear the muses make a mess in the studio at night sometimes. Anyway, I taped it down to my work counter and started stamping with my texture stamps. Next thing I knew I was making some foam stamps to use. I'm thinking that I want to do some machine work on this and maybe add some fibers and who knows. Maybe it will end up being cut up for prayer flags after all.
It was fun to play with it though.

This is the paint and paper experiment. It really doesn't have those white areas at the bottom that the camera caught. To human eyes it looks solid in color. I'm not sure why the camera caught that light. Maybe there is gel medium there that I didn't realize? hmmm
Anyway, this one just goes to show that I am incapable of truly following directions. I certainly looked at the magazine article enough times to see what the writer had done. Do you think I could arrange those sticks in marching order? Nope, they are doing their own thing, in this one.
I'm still happy with it.

Tomorrow, I'll post a picture from the article. I really didn't want to do it before because I thought if people had just some written directions that they could play freer. Some times it's hard when you see the "teacher's" example and it inhibits you from going in your own direction.

I'll be posting links here for any other pictures from this projects. If you have your posted on your blog, please send me the link at
Go check them out. This has been such a fun first look at Abstract Art.

:)Bea Who really does create well with others.


  1. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Very creative, Bea -- pun intended. I especially love the muslin creation!

  2. Couldn't connect to your Maybe this will work post, as it kept taking me to blogger and saying it didn't exist.
    Love the muslin and stamped piece!

  3. Very cool! you know, I've never done abstract art. I'm afraid I wouldnt know how to make it 'pop'. but these pieces you've done are lovely!

  4. Bea these are spectacular. I am living on borrowed time right now trying to get ready for the upcoming deadline for the exhibit. I will play soon. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Thanks Barbara, that ended up being a "happy" accident. :)Bea

  6. Yvonne, blogger is just giving me fits these days. I finally took off the links from that post and put them back on the original Picture post for Abstract Art. sigh. :)Bea

  7. Heather, come and play with us, we are learning as we go along. :)Bea

  8. Thanks, Mary Helen, I know you are super swamped these days. You'll catch up, we'll wait for ya. :)Bea

  9. Bea, I forgot to tell you to come look at the final project! come see. i love it.

  10. Ok, Bea. I'm late, but I finally did it!

  11. Really creative and inspiring project!