Thursday, March 11, 2010

Very, Very Red!

I am feeling sooooooooooooo much JOY right now. We had rain all morning, thunder and rain and then following on the back of the rainstorm were the Robins and Bluebirds! They arrived!
There are birds sounds again in my yard. After what seemed like a very long winter with little sound outside it is now filled with chattering summer visitors. Everybody checking out their favorite nesting sites and boxes, taking turns sitting on the highest branch of the Plum tree and surveying the back yard. Most of the snow is gone, and what still remains you can see ghost like tendrils of fog moving across the patches.
The Purple Finches are on the bird feeder, pushing and shoving. I think we better take down the Christmas wreath or we'll have a repeat of them trying to stake a claim on it for nesting rights.
I have on my new BRIGHT BLUE-RED cashmere dress with the attached shawl and cut on the bias, that Zeus bought me, in the airport. I had made a beeline for the dress, something I seldom do because at my size you just don't buy dresses in airport shops. Apparently, Zeus called and called to get my attention but I stood transfixed in front of the dress. It's was and is so beautiful and red. OH MY GOODNESS it's RED. Thank you Zeus, you have wonderful taste.

You could probably call me a giant red tomato right now but I don't care.
It fits, goddess bless the person that decided to cut it on the bias, it looks great, the attached shawl hides many, many things and I'm wearing it tonight to the retirement party of my husband's partner, Margaret.

She started the firm over 30 years ago. She and John were both Hearing Examiner Judges for the state when she decided to strike it out on her own and start her own firm. John joined her a little later. Total opposites in many way but on the same page where it counts. It won't be the same without her in the office.

I dropped off little Miss Sunshine, Riley at daycare, this morning. Her mother forgetting that she was supposed to be at an office breakfast. I watched her back her car out of the garage into the half opened garage door, no damage to car or door and decided it was better if I took Riley to day care.

I'll be picking her up and then changing her into her first party dress. It's white with big polka dots of color, little cape like cardigan sweater, white tights with lace on the butt and little white sandals. She and I will make an entrance, she looking adorable and me,.... LARGE....RED......but she's LARGE (think of the song from Popeye) wearing a diaper bag on my shoulder.
That's real life kiddos. We can dress up and go places but real life goes with us.

Pictures tomorrow, I promise.

Be sure to read the earlier post about the Down The Rabbit Hole Challenge. If you do mixed media, any hand sewing or machine sewing, you'll just do fine, TRUST ME.

Ok, off to let Murphy out one last time, listen to the bird chatter, I LOVE IT and then off to pick up Riley.

:)Bea Create, Create and then SMILE!


  1. Always loved red! It's a happy color! Talking about color....once I was a maid of honor in this wedding, back years ago when I was 9 months pregnant with my last child. I wanted her to choose red for the dresses, but instead she chose yellow. To say the least I felt like a giant canary!!! LOL Oh well, those were the days!!!!! LOL snort LOL

  2. Oh yes, I forgot what I was going to tell you about nature sounds. On PBS this guy who collects nature sounds said he used to get enough sounds (like birds) in just a few hours for his nature cd's but now it takes him over a thousand hours to get the same amount of sound. Also now he spends lots of time filtering out man made noises, that it's harder to find quiet places anymore. This guy picked up birds, insects etc with a very delicate instrument. Isn't that something.

  3. What a wonderful, joyful post Bea. I can't wait to see you and Riley dressed to kill! I bet you look a million dollars.

    I am sad inside as my blogger friend Renee has died from the cancer that has blighted her life for too many years. At least she is at last free from pain.

    I have Ali and Poppy here so my days are filled with joy, but I won't ever forget Renee.

    Love and hugs to you Bea

  4. Wow what a day you have sparrow arrived in the ceramic birdhouse this morning with the Spring rains. I want to see you two all decked out for a mad hatter tea soon! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    I am sending prayers out for Renee..she was always a child at heart.

  5. I love this post! I love your red dress, and the panties with the lacy butt, the birds, and I ADORE the painting at the top!
    I'm also love RED and I'm also eager to see photos of you and Riley.

    Our Renee lives on,,,,, I think in
    each one of us who's life was touched by hers.A beautiful spirit.

  6. If we didn't have winter, how would we enjoy spring?

    Dying to see photos of red dress - surely not giant tomato.

  7. Well, the red dress was a hit. One of the fellow lawyers asked Zeus if that lady in red was one of the Regents. lololsnort I guess I looked POWERFUL? Anyway, a good time was had by all and Riley really was the hit of the party. :)Bea

  8. Can't wait for the pictures...and Monday's post :) Sounds intriguing.