Monday, March 01, 2010

This is why I will be seeing ALICE IN WONDERLAND!

There are a few actors, male and female that I adore. When I watch them on the big screen I forget who they are in real life and they transport me to magical places, portray people in such a way that I am swept up in their acting, a rare talent they have.
I like to see stories through the eyes of Tim Burton. They have a Zetti like quality to me. Slightly off center, sometimes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off center.

I will go to this movie and enjoy Johnny Depp. Anything else that I enjoy is icing on the cake.

I may or may not have access to a computer while I am out in Arizona. If not I'll be off site until Monday morning. I hope to have some new experiences to share with you, new pictures that I have taken and perhaps a story or two.

All day long, in quiet moments I have "heard" in my mind the clink, clink, clink of a bag of quarters being jiggled. As soon as I heard it the first time I asked out loud, AUNT MARGIE is that you? No answer but I continue to hear the clink of that bag.
I associate that bag of quarters with John's Aunt Margie, his mother's younger sister, now deceased. I think I only met her perhaps three times in her life. Maybe only twice.
The bag, the quarters comes from the one and only family reunion held on my husband's side of the family.
We all met up at a cousin's house in Colorado. My oldest was in high school, the next in middle school and Mary still in grade school. Aunt Margie was quite taken with my boys.
She invited them into the family poker game. She bankrolled them with rolls of quarters she took out of a heavy gray-blue cloth bag.
My boys were surprised and pleased but even more excited when they were told by Aunt Margie that they could keep their winnings.
I could have stepped in and nipped this all in the bud. I don't believe in gambling. No religious reason just, as Louie would say, it's STUPID.
But, it was more important for the boys to have an experience with Aunt Margie.
Compared to John's mother, who was sweet, quiet and calm, Aunt Margie was bigger than life.
She had big hair, fancy clothes, expensive shoes and purse and of course her cloth bag of quarters.
She refused to have her picture taken with her family members that had made the trip to Colorado because one of her sons hadn't been able to come. She didn't care how it made any of them feel it was all about her.
Bigger than life people have that failing, I think.
I don't know why Aunt Margie is trying to get my attention. She's been dead for quite a number of years.
I'll have to ponder on this while I sleep.

So, dear friends, I'll be back. See you soon.

:)Bea Create because it brings you closer to your soul.


  1. What a magical aunt - knowing how to play poker well is a life skill. She did the kids a HUGE favor.

    Love Johnny Depp, too, but Tim Burton, not so much. Ed Wood and Mars Attacks were great, Sleepy Hollow and Big Fish - Burton lost me there. But I will see Alice eventually, like June 1st.

  2. LOL He said he couldn't make Big Fish until his father died so I expect that much of that movie was true. :)Bea

  3. Love the Aunt Margie story,
    Alos love Johnny Depp - have been a fan since his 21 Jump Street days!

  4. Hi Bea, I can't wait to hear what Aunt Marge is trying to tell you :)
    The sun is melting our gray snow today YAY!
    Have a fun and safe trip, dear one.
    XOX, Lisa

  5. I guess we all have crazy relatives don't we. I had an old aunt once and only saw her at the reunions and didn't know her well. She would just say each year to me, "Oh, I'm sorry about your hair dear." LOL That's all she ever said to me!!
    Can't wait for Johnny Depp in Alice! It's getting close!

  6. I may see this Alice if it opens out here in Newark...on Saturday with my youngest daughter. Have a great trip and I will wait to see what all you discover. Everyone needs an Aunt Margie... and yes she is tring to tell you something...maybe be extra prepared in the airports..???
    Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Good luck and have fun on your trip.

    Here's to recharging your batteries and rejuvenating your ju-ju.

  8. Alice is a must for me and for the same reason Bea.

    Aunt Margie sounds like a real larger than life over the top character with her bag of quarters. I wonder what she wants?

    Have a great break in Arizona and I look forward to the tales and the photos. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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