Monday, March 08, 2010

Spring is on the way.

I'm back from Arizona, where the weather was nice, temperatures up to 75 degrees during the day and down to the low 50s at night. They have had lots of rain recently so there was quite a bit of green to see, on the ground and the mountains. The desert wildflowers won't be blooming for another week or so, I was told. The trip was nice. We had fun seeing old friends.

We did get to the opening of Alice in Wonderland. We were in a full theater with mostly folks younger than us. Even those awful front row seats were filled. During the movie I would often see little points of light from the audience as many, bored, flipped open their phones to read or text messages. When the movie ended people filed out without must discussion.
I can't say I blamed them. I was disappointed with the movie.
I can't say whether it was because I had high expectations for it because of Johnny Depp or because I so thoroughly enjoyed the original book of Alice in Wonderland.
I can't say if it was because I had read The Visual Guide to the movie and knew a lot about it.
I honestly feel that the movie would have been helped GREATLY with a voice over narrator.
I honestly feel that the message for young girls to find your own path, be your "mostness" was excellent but there is no way I would take my 10 year old granddaughter to see this movie. Too much violence. A dormouse sticking a hat pin in the eye of a monster like dog and pulling the eye out and keeping it in a net around her waist, is a bit too much.
Johnny Depp was wonderful. White and Red Queen's also wonderful.
The movie seemed manic. I didn't buy that Alice looked 19. That's just me.
Johnny Depps, Futterwacken dance at the end of the movie did not have to be a bizarre thing.
His head did not have to spin around, his feet and legs look like they were made of melting jelly.
Do I sound picky? I am. I was excited about the possibilities for this. I came out of the theater thinking that Avatar was so much better.
Most likely 89% of the folks in the theater audience had never read Alice in Wonderland or had seen a movie of it. They came because it was Johnny Depp, 3-D and who knows why else. I think they left thinking it was ok or so so. They certainly didn't seem that happy when they were leaving the theater. They seemed to want to just get out.
So, maybe it's a good thing that the DVD will be released June 1st and people can save the big bucks and just get it from Netflix.

:)Bea Create, let's your soul express itself.


  1. I believe Spring is here in south Texas too. No more cold fronts for us.
    Too bad about the Alice movie Bea. I haven't seen it yet, but wanted to see it in the theatre to get the full effect, like Avatar. Will let you know if I go or wait to see it on DVD.

  2. I am so sorry about Alice ...and Johnny...I had such high hopes. I still have not made it over to Columbus to see the three-D version of Avatar. I was hoping to go last Saturday with my youngest daughter but she needed to get back home. Maybe soon I will get to see it with Ken. Today we had a third beautiful day with pure radiant sunshine. Did I tell you I missed you ...I love hearing about your adventures and your loves. Welcome Home! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. What a shame. I know you were so pumped up about it,,,I kind of was too, even though I rarely go to movies.
    We've had our first tornado of the season today, though it was in western Oklahoma, not here.We had thunderstorms, but it's to be sunny and almost 70 tomorrow!
    Glad you had a nice time, and are back.

  4. If you go with low expectations, you can never be disappointed.
    Biggest opening of any movie ever.
    For me, Tim Burton just doesn't have a grip on narrative - he runs away with the effects at the cost of storytelling. He was better with smaller budgets.
    I have Netflix, I'll wait.

  5. I heard the same thing about the movie - that it was all about special effects and not the story. But I feel bad for you Bea - you are such an Alice fan!
    Glad at least that you had good weather

  6. Every one I know that has seen Alice was very disappointed. I think I will wait for it to hit cable.
    Spring has hit here - we are at 60 today and the sun is shining.

  7. Like many others, I knew the general story line and had never seen the original or read the book. I was pleasantly surprised in Depp as I had been disappointed in his dark Wonda -- and loved his make up. All in all, the iconic aspects of Alice that have made there way into the common lexicon--didn't seem showcased in a way that gave you pause to wonder. Instead, they seemed wedged between Tim Burtonesque darkness and a thinly disguised homage to story line elements of Lord of the Rings, Beetlejuice, Enchanted, and Joan of Arc. In short, it seemed like an amalgam of morality plays with an obvious feminist gesture at the end.

    Frankly, I began watching not connected and a little confused...with no expectations, I was fascinated with trying to make sense of it. I and others from the movie group had trouble understanding dialogue, so a voice over would have been appreciated. In the end, I just couldn't feel invested. I would now like to watch the original.

    Finally, I'm sorry for you because I know how much you anticipated enjoying it. Let's go see Avatar.

  8. It's a deal, D. I thoroughly enjoyed Avatar. Just the visual effects alone was worth it.