Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Time.

I'm avoiding a project in the studio. It's true that I've been busy moving things, going on a trip and trying to finish up other projects but I KNOW I'm avoiding it. It's that patchwork baby quilt.

It's time to find another use for what I have done so far. It's time to call it a day. I may love the soft colors but the process is a pain in the butt. It's time consuming matching all those seams and there are plenty of seams. I no longer enjoy chain stitching, I feel like I work in a factory when I am doing it. In fact, the act of doing it reminds me of my father's mother, who worked in a clothing factory for years. Not a nice job.

I take full responsibility for this, another UFO. I had a baby quilt I made for them. It just has to be quilted. For some reason I got it into my head that my "style" might not be appreciated as much. I thought a more traditional design would.

As I was lying in bed last night, waiting for sleep to come, I realized that I only want to work on projects that make me happy. That's not a new realization but it's one that I sometimes overlook when I am getting "a thought".

I am constantly reminded how precious life is. You would think that would supersede any of this other nonsense I put myself through. It should be tattooed on the back of my hand so I can study it when I get "a thought".

Do I want to spend my time dreading working on something? Fussing with something that is taking up valuable time, in the studio? I mentioned to a friend, who works in a quilt shop, that I was making this traditional baby quilt with all these little squares and she said, "Just make sure you quilt the heck out of it so it doesn't fall apart with all the washings."

That got me thinking.

So, I am LETTING GO of the baby quilt. I still like what I have done but I now ALLOW myself to turn it into something more my style.


A while back I sent a number of UFOs from the quilting pile to St. Vincent's. I didn't want to finish them for a number of reasons. I don't feel guilty about not finishing them. The process is what is important to me. The journey. And, if the end is different from what I thought, that's ok.

I've finished tons of quilts and given them away. I've been quilting since the 80s. I have to remind myself that I quilt because I love the fabrics, the colors, the ability to play with them and the losing myself in the process. If I'm cursing during the process about points meeting, something is wrong with this picture.

:)Bea Time to get over to the studio and CREATE.

Note about header: If you are driving around in a convertible, taking pictures of things you zoom by there usually is somebody who thinks they are photo worthy. This guy kept turning around to look at our car, I guessed that he was going to do something stupid and wanted it on record. could I say no?


  1. Anonymous3:22 PM

    I like what you've done too, but I hear you! I've recently thrown in the towel on a "Dear Jane" quilt. I just got tired of all those 5" blocks making me crazy. I have over 80 of them done and will turn them into something, but it won't be Jane's quilt. Amen!

  2. Oh yeah,,,if it aint fun, I aint doin' it!
    Life is short,,,,and the joy is in the process!
    (but then, I can't imagine myself quilting at ALL, even though I adore quilts)

  3. Can understand and sympathize about not wanting to do something once it got started.

    Had quite a few short stories (and still do) that are simply not completed, mostly due to me losing my euthusiam for them.

    They may make an appearance some day as throwaways on my blog, but some how, I doubt it.

  4. I see you in my heart
    cuddling this new spirit...
    in a calliope of colors and softness...Thank you for sharing your strength. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. I know exactly how you feel. Right now I have one traditional quilt cut out and another cut out and I even started putting it together...both are queen size quilts like I have made plenty of.....but.....I can not make myself finish them. I agree when you say it's like working in a factory....when I work on large traditional type quilts, chain piecing etc., I don't enjoy it anymore. It's harder physically and these will probably be my last two I ever do! So there I said it!!!! LOL

  6. I can't tell you all what a sense of relief I felt when I went over to the studio today. I cleaned up my sewing area, put away fabric, unpacked some more boxes and every time I looked over at my ironing space where I had all those squares piled up and THEY WERE GONE, I smiled. Yup, right decision.
    Then I unpacked my last box, for the day and found some old embroidered blocks of baskets with flowers that I had used the same thirties fabric to frame the blocks. NOW, I have a place to bring two projects together. :)Bea

  7. Anonymous12:17 AM

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  8. Bea, the picture of the quilt LOOKS would make a pretty blog header.
    And that motercycle guy...ugh! I hate to be driving behind them...what if they fall and I run them over???
    I'm glad you had a fun trip.
    Alice in Wonderland pissed me off!
    They turned her into a gladiater. And there were no fun quotes to inspire new art...Pish!
    Xo, Lisa

  9. Well done you, such a good decision too. I hate slaving over something I don't enjoy doing. I did a bit of weaving on our gate 2 days ago! It was such fun. That's it. FUN. Good on ya girl.