Wednesday, March 24, 2010

INFINITY & BEYOND or Murph The Super Hero

Most of my family has given up on watching LOST. I'm sticking it out just because. Last night John got home early from tennis and thought he would watch LOST with me. BIG MISTAKE.
It's hard enough to explain this year to somebody who hasn't watched one episode, this year, let alone this particular one. I was bombarded with questions. And, I can't say I blame him, it is still very confusing and all the hype that "questions will be answered", well I'm still waiting, writers!

I'm watching my grass get greener, a calming past time. There are no signs of anything budding out at this point in time. John claims that our Willow tree is getting that yellow tinge to it that heralds Spring. I guess I see it. I did rake out some garden beds of winter leaves and found some three inch green leaves of daffodils coming up. That's a good thing.
I went by a pond, on a farm, yesterday and could hear what sounded like a THOUSAND frogs croaking. I keep putting water in our little pond, hopeful. I thought I heard two frogs the other day.

Frankly, that's a sound I could sit and listen to all day.

The Red Wing Blackbird is here, marking his territory, in the yard but I have yet to hear him call to the females. I don't think they have arrived yet, or he is extremely confident about attracting them.

Murphy is quite beside himself these days. Two nights ago I let him outside for his last evening constitutional and at the same time he and I saw deer, up in the upper field, by the edge of the woods. I lunged for him, to pick him up at the same time he sprung into a flying leap to charge up to the beasties in HIS YARD.
No fear in the boy.
He herded them into the woods. Well, that's his story, although I think they were surprised to see such a fast bunny rabbit running at them. They didn't scatter that fast so Murphy had time to show his true "heel biter" qualities.
When I finally caught up to him and managed to coax him back to the house, we seemed to have missed the COME command in training class, he was quite beside himself with pleasure.
I wish you could have see his eyes, bright, slightly glassy eyed and he seemed to quiver all evening with excitement.
Imagine yourself as a twenty pound solid muscle, slightly bigger than the biggest rabbit you could find, chasing HUGE HUGE FOUR LEGGED BEASTIES around.
Murphy has Super Hero qualities, for sure.
Of course, the next morning when John let him outside, from the front door, in his bathroom and bare feet, he didn't expect Murphy to run around the to the back of the house and back up to the upper field.
I heard Murphy's name and a few other's slowly fading off into the distance so I went downstairs to unlock the basement door for them.
I watched Zeus, picking up his feet carefully and painfully and he hauled Murphy back to the house.
" But, Pa it's what you call FOLLOW UP."
I'm not sure they are talking to each other yet.

:)Bea Creating is the LIFE FORCE of the soul.

P.S. I'll be out of town until Sunday night. You just go right on creating and tell me all about it when I get back. We'll sit and have a cup of tea together and look at all that you have done.


  1. What is it about little wee dogs...Rose weighs about 15 pounds...bodacious curvy body and she feels the same way about her deer herd coming into our clearing without her permission. please check out Sherrill Kahn's newst book on surface design...I think you will like it :o). Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I didn't know she had a new one out. I love her work. :)Bea

  3. Love the Murphy story! LOL
    Kahn's book happens to be on my wish list. It is a good one I hear. There's also a good one out by Jane Dunnewold, who is a San Antonio artist. Will have to remember the name a post it on my blog.

  4. Bea, Here is my link to my Clue 1 altered cloth:

    I will get started on Clue 2 now.

    I should be all caught up by picture day next Friday.

  5. Attaboy murph! Zodiak would be proud.

  6. Also shari and I think this is the best yr yet for lost... love the fact that Locke may be the devil!

  7. Beautiful barn photo you have up!
    Loved the Murphy story. No one told him he isn't B I G!

  8. I love the barn photo too. What a funny story about Murphy and the deer! What a courageous little chap he is. Of course he had to follow up the next day. Brave boy.

    I hope you're enjoying your trip away. I've had my daughter and Granddaughter to stay for 3 days and we had fun. It's quiet without them.

    See you soon and I'm ready for that cup of tea and chat.

  9. You have a rabbit called Murphy that lives in the house and nips your feet? I'll be doggone.