Monday, March 01, 2010

Good Morning March!

March. It's the beginning of the end of winter, in my mind. I still gaze out the window at snow, large amounts of snow, that has been out there since November of 2009 BUT I know that it will melt soon. April follows March and May follows April and those are warming months. Any snow that falls from now on will melt. It won't be around for months and months and that my friends makes me SMILE big time.
I'm ready for the next change of seasons.
Two months into this new year I am pleased with where my art work is pushing me.
I am pleased with what I have accomplished.

I have had some emails from fellow mission workers about a team that is down in Chile right now. They did survive the earthquake but report that the damage is unbelievable. Is Chile too far away for us to start shouting for donations? Will the rich and famous gather again to make another remake of the song we are the world, to raise money for South America?

I have to go over to the studio and clean and polish the beautiful shelving unit that Zeus made and then installed for me. I will take a picture while I am over there. I wish I had the week to start filling it with fabric. I will do what I can today. Tomorrow, I have to run errands and pack and get ready for my trip to Arizona on Wednesday.

:)Bea Dance, sing, paint, bake, whatever it is you do today, create it will make your soul smile.


  1. Spring, spring, wonderful spring! The prediction is that we will have lots and lots of wildflowers this year because of all the rain we have been having. WhooHoo! Been seeing lots of big turtles moving about!

  2. Did you have drought conditions before? My mother said that Florida should be caught up now with all the rain that they have been having.
    Every year, after the prairie burn we watch to see if new wildflowers are going to pop up. Every time just a few more. :)Bea

  3. Thank you for the yellow yellow yellow...this color announces the change whispering at our doors. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Isn't it beautiful, Mary Helen? It's blooming in my front room. Actually, it has three blooms on it. :)Bea

  5. Nah, we're all earthquaked out... no more maudlin songs, please. Even though this quake was much bigger, Chile is better prepared - or so they say. At least the buildings were sturdier. It's still a big tragedy.

  6. Well, Wolynski, we do have a very short attention span, as a nation.
    I guess we are only really good for one earthquake a year. I don't know who says that Chile was better prepared. Probably the financial district, all those new banks were built up to code. Unfortunately, the poor neighborhoods, of which there are many, weren't and they are suffering. :)Bea

  7. It was unfortunate for Chile that Haiti happened first and not long ago. Please let us not be all earthquaked out. I'm sure it'll be the poor who suffer, as always.

    Your gorgeous yellow hibiscus is a sight for sore eyes.